Product Upsell Shopify App.

The original Shopify Product Upsell app gives you the ability to create as many offers as you want that are presented to customers at the last point of checkout. The real magic is that you can offer a single product or multiple products, based on what's currently in their cart. For example, if they buy a camera, you can offer them a memory card to go along with it. Or, if they buy a laptop, it’ll offer them a laptop case instead. Brilliant!

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Offer ‘upsell’ products at the point of checkout to increase every sale that goes through your store.
The #1 Shopify Subscription app! Offer recurring subscriptions on individual products or an entire cart.

Recurring Orders Shopify App.

The Recurring Orders app allows you to sell recurring products, or even an entire recurring cart, on your Shopify store. Customers simply select how often they want their order to recur, and then every month (or time period they select) the app automatically charges the customer's credit card and generates the order in your Shopify order admin. You don't have to worry about a thing, the app does it all for you!

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Loyalty Points Shopify App.

A good loyalty program is KEY in creating repeat customers, and our Loyalty Points app is the first TRUE loyalty points program for Shopify. Customers earn points when they make a purchase in your store, and then use those points to buy products. No coupon codes are required! You can quickly and easily set up your custom tiers, even having the option to offer special bonuses, like extra points, to your more elite levels. And you can easily transfer your customers in from another app using our simple import tool!

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A TRUE loyalty points program for Shopify: customers earn points through purchases then redeem them in your store!
Add unlimited options in unlimited combinations to your product pages: the most powerful options app on Shopify!

Product Options Shopify App.

The Product Options app is the most powerful options app on Shopify! There’s no limit to the number of options you can add to a product and no limit on variations. You also have the option to add file uploads, radio buttons, checkboxes, text boxes, drop downs… you can customize everything! No only that, it’s extremely user friendly and even fun to use.

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Recurring Memberships Shopify App.

Recurring Memberships is designed to allow you to run any type of membership on your Shopify store and charge a recurring membership fee for it. It's a powerful subscription app that can be as simple or as complex as you want, and it’s the best way for you to offer subscription boxes to your customers. You can also sell memberships for offline services that you'd like to have customers become members of, even changing the content on your website for members when they’re logged in.

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Sell memberships to your Shopify store to give VIP access, offer subscription boxes or online services!

Customer Specific PricingShopify App.

Offer VIP, wholesale and preferred pricing, setting up different price levels for different customers that display when they login.
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Store LocatorShopify App.

Store Locator app allows customers to find your retail locations based on a simple zip/postal code or city search.
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Product BuilderShopify App.

Easily build products using a step by step graphical interface. Add final built product to cart.
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Product BundlesShopify App.

Offer special sales when customers buy a "bundle" of items (products or collections).
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Product DiscountShopify App.

Easily create timed or instant sales on some or all of the products in your store.
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Quantity BreaksShopify App.

Set up tiered pricing levels or price breaks on products (Ex. $9.99 for one, or $69.99 for 10).
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Returns ManagerShopify App.

Easily manage returns & warranty issues by tracking and keeping your customer in the loop.
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Sales MotivatorShopify App.

Encourages people to spend more by displaying a sales push in a slide-down banner.
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Social AutopilotShopify App.

Automatically post/pin/Tweet when new products are added to your Shopify store.
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Bold BrainShopify App.

Analyze your store's orders and make recommendations to your customers based on data.
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