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Build a flexible, headless checkout that drives more revenue for your clients, and more deployments for you.

Build with Bold

Become a leader in checkout transformation.

Join the Build with Bold partner program and leverage best-in-class technology,
training, and support to deliver more value to your clients.

Bold is partner-first.

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    Get priority support

    with a dedicated partner manager.

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    Access robust developer documentation

    with a dedicated API support team, and detailed certification program.

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    Get dedicated marketing support

    to execute joint initiatives that drive mutual value.

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    Experience revenue growth

    through shared deal flow and lead referrals.

Expand your services and grow your client base.

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    Modernize your client's digital experience

    make changes gradually over time, without a large replatforming effort.

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    Offer ongoing services

    built around A/B testing and continuous improvement of checkout metrics.

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    Strengthen your agency’s MACH-centric solutioning

    through Bold's composable technology.


Checkout is a brand’s make or break moment.

Don’t leave money on the table with limitations that hold your client's business back. With Bold, clients will convert more shoppers in more places with checkout flows that are optimized, not one-sized.

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    Tailor Checkout flow by audience

    with customer-specific flows based on shopper profile, device, touchpoint and more.

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    Sell Anywhere

    with seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints and allow shoppers to checkout on blogs, social media, in-store kiosks and more with a single, unified checkout.

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    Continuously optimize the checkout experience

    precisely how and where your clients want it without sacrificing scale, security or revenue.

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    Enjoy total flexibility

    to launch and test alternative payment methods without giving up your client’s preferred payment gateway.

Bold Benefits

Let’s grow together

Deliver more value with the technology, training and support to build best in class checkout experiences.

Collaborative marketing and sales initiatives

Shared leads, deal flow, and incentives

Product knowledge, technical training, and priority technical support

On demand documentation, guides, and resources

Roadmap visibility with access to beta features

Dedicated partner manager


Discover what’s possible for your client’s checkout

Bold provides your team with robust developer documentation, a dedicated API support team, and a customized certification program. As a Bold partner, you’ll also receive priority technical assistance to ensure our mutual success for your clients.

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Bold is a proud member of the MACH Alliance

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"Bold sees the future of checkout, and we are thrilled to partner in making this future a reality for our customers. Our partnership is open, collaborative, and aligned around the idea that personalization and excitement is possible at every step of the commerce journey."

Jason Cottrell

Founder and CEOOrium

Join the Bold Partner Program

Receive tailored training from a team dedicated to powering innovative checkout experiences hand-in-hand with partners.

Get the certification advantage gain recognition and expertise in cutting-edge checkout solutions.

Experience collaborative growth from shared leads, deal flows, and co-marketing initiatives.

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