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Make your checkout work for you.

Create a custom checkout flow that’s as unique as your business with our extensive APIs and webhooks.

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Let customers pay their way with your choice of payment gateway

Don’t settle for one standard option. Select a payment gateway for your checkout that supports the payment types and wallets your customers use.

  • Offer the same payment gateway in-store and online
  • 20 pre-built integrations to choose from, including some of the world’s most popular payment gateways — or create your own
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One of Bold's international retailer brands is able to easily serve up different payment gateways based on the currency their customers check out with, including digital wallets exclusive to specific markets.

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Improve the gift card experience with mixed payment methods

Encourage gift card sales by letting customers use a physical or digital gift card toward their balance in combination with other payment types.

  • Allow for multiple gift cards to be applied to a single order
  • Let customers bank their gift card balance on their online store account and choose whether to apply all or a portion of their balance at checkout
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Show you care by collecting donations

Promote a cause close to your brand’s heart by making it easy for customers to donate with a single click at checkout.

  • Offer customers the ability to donate from a range of preset amounts, or input their own custom donation values
  • Earmark donations in your transactions to ensure you’re allocating funds to your brand’s cause of choice
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Convert more customers with installment payments

Offer flexible financing options at checkout to remove barriers to conversion.

  • Offer ‘buy now, pay later’ so customers can pay in installments over time, or the entire balance at a future date
  • Implement additional financing offers like financing through your branded credit card, try before you buy, or layaway
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Change up your checkout flow by device

Tap into our APIs to automatically detect where your customers are coming from and build different checkout flows to tailor the transaction experience and drive conversions.

  • Modify flow and layout by device type to incorporate best practices or A/B test and reduce cart abandonment
  • Build custom transaction experiences anywhere that go beyond a standard checkout flow on your website or mobile, including IoT, voice, and content
  • Incorporate a custom plugin to allow for seamless, cross-device transitions and a streamlined checkout flow for logged in users
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Solve for unique compliance requirements

Ensure compliance at checkout to protect your business and streamline administrative processes.

  • Require age or ID verification when selling restricted products such as alcohol or cannabis
  • Integrate with a tax solution to administer tax rules by product, jurisdiction, or industry during checkout
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Pre-built tax, fraud, and shipping integrations

Extend checkout capabilities with dozens of pre-built integrations that meet your business needs.

  • Incorporate tax, fraud, shipping, and marketing integrations to add more power and functionality to your checkout
  • Stay current with tax integrations that automatically push current tax rates to the cart
  • Tap into marketing integrations to trigger email flows for cart abandonment, product recommendations, reviews, and more
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Collect recurring revenue through a single checkout

Turn one-time shoppers into long-term customers by adding Bold Subscriptions to your transaction experience.

  • Give customers the flexibility to check out with one-time products and recurring subscriptions in the same cart
  • Upsell one-time purchases into subscriptions at checkout

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