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Bold Subscriptions vs Yotpo Subscriptions

Brands using Yotpo are switching to Bold Subscriptions

Brands using Yotpo are switching to Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout for our long-standing subscriptions expertise, exceptional support and ability to maximize customer lifetime value by boosting average order value.

Bold Subscription vs Yotpo Subscriptions
Brands that value expertise trust Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout
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Three reasons why brands are switching to Bold

Over a decade of experience

Trust the most experienced app developer on Shopify, with 760,000+ app installs, and 5,000+ installs on Shopify Plus

Industry leading support

Never outsourced, rely on our exceptional Canadian-based team of Shopify app experts

Boost AOV, maximize LTV

Maximize customer lifetime value with the only Shopify subscriptions app designed to increase average order value.

Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout does it better

Looking for an alternative to Yotpo Subscriptions? See why brands are switching to Bold Subscriptions to run their subscriptions business smoothly.

Industry leading support

Bold Subscriptions
  • Canadian-based team of seasoned Shopify app experts
  • All customers of Bold receive our industry leading support at no extra cost
  • Dedicated support available for enterprise brands

  • 24/7 support

Free, white-glove migration service

Bold Subscriptions
  • The best, most-experienced migrations support in the industry
  • Never outsourced
  • Always free for brands switching to Bold
  • Get 3 months free when you switch to Bold*!
  • Support that doesn’t stop once the migration is complete

  • Some customers reported migration issues (including loss of revenue, errors with customer information, etc.)

Make more on every order

Bold Subscriptions
  • The only subscriptions app with a native upsell app, optimized to increase average order value so you can make more money

  • No built-in subscription upsells

Features built for growth & scale

Bold Subscriptions
  • Customer portal provides full flexibility and control to add, edit, swap, skip or make updates to your order
  • Prepaid Subscriptions, done right including auto renewals without the use of fulfillments giving customers flexibility and control
  • Bulk Action Updates for brands that need to update existing subscriptions based on changes to their business like pricing or product updates
  • Buy Now Links allow you to place Buy Now buttons anywhere including on your homepage, collections pages, on social or in emails, etc.
  • Passwordless Logins allow customers to manage their subscriptions with a magic link

  • Basic subscription management
  • No prepaid support
  • No bulk action support
  • No support for buy now links
  • Requires passwords to login to customer accounts

Ease of use

Bold Subscriptions
  • From install to subscriptions running on your store in less than 60 seconds!
  • User friendly design you'll actually love using

  • Easy to launch and use


Bold Subscriptions
  • 99.98% uptime - highest uptime of any subscription app on Shopify!
  • Stable and robust product

  • Some customers reported technical issues


Bold Subscriptions

Core: $49.99/month
+1% of orders containing subscription products

Custom enterprise pricing available

1% transaction fee on $500+ monthly subscriptions sales

Some customers reported unexpected costs/price increases


Bold Subscriptions
  • Shopify Plus Certified
  • The first ever Shopify Plus Certified Subscription app
  • Designed, built, tested and certified for the biggest stores on Shopify
  • Built on enterprise grade infrastructure

  • Not Shopify Plus Certified
  • Newer app - not as robust or sophisticated


Bold Subscriptions
  • Extensive APIs to create, extend, and scale any unique subscription experience you can imagine

  • Limited customization available

Bold Subscriptions by the numbers


GMV Processed


Recurrences Processed



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"Bold Subscriptions is absolutely crucial to our business as it efficiently manages our coffee subscriptions, providing a seamless experience for both us and our customers. Recently, we migrated to a new version of the app, and the support team at Bold made the entire process exceptionally smooth. Their assistance was invaluable, and highlighted their commitment to customer satisfaction."

Switch from Yotpo Subscriptions and get 3 months free!*

Let us help you seamlessly move your subscription business to Shopify Checkout and enjoy 3 months free* of Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout.

Schedule your free migration

Industry leading white-glove migration

Get the white-glove treatment from our experts for an easy, seamless, always-free migration experience.

White-glove migration service, free of charge

Our in-house experts are the industry’s best. At Bold, we don't ever outsource or charge for migrations, and we won't pass you off to an agency to complete your migration to Shopify Checkout for a hefty price.

Zero downtime or interruptions

Get seamless migration with no downtime or interruptions to your existing subscriptions – your customers will never know!

Dedicated & friendly support before, during and after migration

Our support doesn’t stop once migration is complete. We’re here to assist with your subscriptions whenever you need us. At Bold, great customer service is who we are and critical to not only our success, but yours as well!

Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout

Grow your business with the only subscriptions app designed to increase average order value

Brands make more money with Bold

Choose the only subscriptions app on Shopify designed to sell more to your most loyal customers. Pair with Bold Upsell for powerful upselling and cross-selling before, during and after checkout. Boost average order value, and maximize customer lifetime value.

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Fully customizable customer portal

Empower your subscribers with a fully customizable customer portal. They can manage their subscriptions, skip or pause orders, edit preferences, reschedule deliveries, and even swap products – all within a user-friendly environment.

Bold Commerce Image

Seamless management

Engineered for seamless collaboration with a variety of other tools, guaranteeing uninterrupted workflows. Integrates effortlessly with marketing platforms, order management systems, service desks, and other critical tools without any compatibility issues.

Bold Commerce Image

Plug and play

Bold Subscriptions works with the tools and solutions you already use, plus the freedom to integrate with others you choose.

Explore integrations
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Scale and grow

Shopify Plus Certified

As a Shopify Plus certified app, Bold Subscriptions provides enterprise-level features and support for businesses looking to scale and succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Let's talk
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Frequently asked questions

How long does a migration take?

Migrations can easily be completed in less than a day once they are scheduled with our team. To experience our white-glove service, we recommend speaking with our migration experts who can assess your specific needs and work with you to build a timeline that works for you and your business!

How do I start a migration?

Simply reach out to our team here!

Is it difficult to migrate my existing subscriptions from Yotpo to Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout?

No matter what app you’re currently using, we can help you get set up with Bold. Every migration is unique, and we are committed to providing our customers with a personalized and hassle-free experience. So why wait? Make the switch and experience it today!

How much does it cost to migrate?

You can migrate without spending a dime! We believe that you should be able to migrate without worrying about additional costs and that is why we offer this service free of charge.

How will migration impact my customers?

We offer migrations with no disruptions to your customers. Your customers won’t even know a migration is happening!

How customizable are the subscription offerings with Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout?

The subscription offering is highly customizable. With Bold Subscriptions, you can easily add a subscription option to your products, offer subscribe & save discounts, and a variety of frequency options to encourage recurring orders.

Our app supports standard subscriptions out of the box, allowing you to create, customize, and build your own unique subscription offerings. You can use the cutoff days feature to match your billing cycle with your fulfillment cycle for a seamless flow.

For more detailed information, please refer to the provided links:

Subscriptions Overview
Setup Subscriptions
Bold Subscriptions Product Page

For more FAQ, visit our product page.

*Migrations from any other subscription service such as Recharge, Paywhirl, Ordergroove, Appstle, Skio, etc, all qualify for 3 months of free subscription app fees with Bold Subscriptions on Shopify Checkout. Upgrades from Bold V1 qualify for 1 month free subscription fees.

Create lasting fans with Bold Subscriptions

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