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Create a “SmartCart” and convert more shoppers with checkout from AI-powered search

AI-powered search delivers tailored recommendations, Bold checkout seals the deal. Increase conversions effortlessly.

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Frictionless checkout leveraging AI Search!

AI Search Checkout Flow built by Terrific Minds, with Bold Checkout allows customers to put in a phrase, product category, or wishlist for a personalized, targeted product list presented, ready for checkout.

With the AI driven product search results customers want, with unexpected choices, you’ll increase sales through improved conversion, Lifetime Value (LTV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

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  • Make search easier for customers to enable broader product selection and improve customer experience

  • Personalize checkout to boost checkout conversion rate

  • Improve merchandising with dynamic product prioritization

Make it a SmartCart, with the Terrific Minds and Bold AI Search Checkout flow, brands can immediately add AI Search regardless of platform.

The advantages to brands are:

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  • Can be deployed across any platform

  • Implemented quickly and efficiently as it is pre-built

  • Provides broader range of product options displayed to customer

  • Minimizes checkout friction with personalized product choices

Brands implementing the AI Search Checkout Flow benefit by:

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  • Saving time and money in deployment

  • Immediately realizing ROI through increased sales and profit

  • Increased customer satisfaction, through personalized options aligned with their search

  • Providing more opportunities to showcase their products, increasing AOV

Awaken shoppers to all your products based on their interests, that are immediately ready for checkout, increasing sales and profit.

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