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Bold Checkout

A new generation of checkout is here

Optimized for growth and tailored to you — for results you can take to the bank. 

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Finally, checkout that gives a damn. It's about more than just conversion.

Bold delivers a tailored checkout designed to help your business increase conversion, LTV and AOV for results that drive profitability.

Total control over your checkout experience

Build, test and iterate Checkout Flows that
match the unique needs of your business

1. Pick your target audience

Build your customer segment based on shopper profile, device, touchpoint and more.

2. Choose your interface

Choose the way you want your customer to interact with your checkout from 1-page, 3-page, voice, slide-out and more.

3. Add your experience optimizers

Configure the experience and options you want consumers to have through a customized front-end with upsell, BOPIS, subscriptions, payment options and more.

4. Add your business optimizers

Configure your back-end to optimize for business needs like payment gateways, shipping, fraud, tax and more.

Pick your target audience
Choose your interface
Add your experience optimizers
Add your business optimizers


Change your checkout, not your platform


Staples grew conversions by 28% with custom checkout experiences

  • Conditional price rules and offers across online and instore channels
  • Launched BOPIS checkout plug in 72 hours
  • B2C and B2B experiences combined through unified checkout
  • Tailored checkout flows to optimize website and instore kiosk conversion

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