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Bold Checkout

Checkout that makes dollars and sense

We're in the business of making checkout better, and boldly delivering results you can take to the bank.

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Make Checkout a brand experience

Get up and running, and straight to market

Bold Checkout is pre-integrated with the tools you use for payments, tax, shipping, and more.

Build, test, and iterate custom checkout flows

Greet each shopper with tailored experiences that convert. A/B test by shopper profile, device, channel, and location.

Make more moments shoppable

Checkout instantly from product pages, blogs, email, QR codes, kiosks, IoT and more - all through one efficient back end.

Go headless and future proof your checkout

De-risk with Bold's composable checkout and deliver immediate ROI through increased checkout conversion.

Build, test, and iterate custom checkout flows
Sell literally anywhere
Sell literally anywhere
Powerful Checkout


Over 50% of shoppers abandon during checkout


Staples boosts conversion and innovation with Bold Checkout

  • Conditional price rules and offers across online and instore channels
  • Launched BOPIS checkout plug in 72 hours
  • B2C and B2B experiences combined through unified checkout
  • Tailored checkout flows to optimize website and instore kiosk conversion

Finally, checkout that gives a damn

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