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Bold Price Rules

Price and promotions logic that rules

Manage complex pricing and promotions right through checkout with a single source of truth across channels.

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Your mission control for pricing management

Tap into Bold Price Rules API and serve up complex pricing and advanced promotions to any sales channel.

Advanced promotions

Pre-configure promotions with advanced scheduling.

Intelligent price rules

Define complex price rules with conditional logic, including customer specific pricing.

VIP, B2B, and tiered pricing

Vary pricing by shopper segment, customer profile or past behavior.

Location specific pricing

Automatically display location specific product pricing to meet business or regulatory requirements.

Update once, publish everywhere

Push dynamic pricing across multiple channels in real time.

Integrate and sync with existing systems

Connect to backend systems to simplify managing pricing and promotional rules.

"Bold Price Rules has become the backbone of pricing for us. Being able to drive timed or complex sales and stacked promotions, while making sure the right price is always in front of the right customer at the right time means everything to us."

Jeff Serota

Sr DirectorStaples Canada

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