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Create any subscription offering imaginable and grow dependable recurring revenue

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Bold Subscriptions V1 (Recurring Orders) is no longer available to download.
Learn about the new Bold Subscriptions on Shopify or contact us.

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The new Bold Subscriptions integrated with Shopify Checkout is here!

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create different types of subscriptions

Your subscription your way

Offer build-a-box, monthly clubs, memberships, and more, or create your own unique offering.

easy setup

Set up and manage your subscription with ease

Launch and test your first subscription in under a day, with no coding expertise required.

integrations available

Enhance your offering with advanced integrations

Make your subscription more powerful by adding features for loyalty, data analysis, referrals, and more.

Unlock advanced customization, including APIs and webhooks, with the new Bold Subscriptions, now integrated with Shopify Checkout.

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Unlock the full potential of your subscriptions with these app combinations

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Bold Upsell

Increase average order value with cross-sells

Make your subscribers’ orders bigger and better by offering a complementary product they can add to their first subscription order. For example, offer customers a mug to go with their coffee subscription, or a hair accessory to go with their shampoo subscription.

  • Set up cross-sells that pair well with each subscription product you offer.
  • Use a pop-up window to automatically offer shoppers a cross-sell they can add to their order.

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Loyalty Points

Reduce churn with Loyalty Points

Set up a loyalty program so subscribers get points for every dollar they spend, on both subscriptions and one-time orders. Let them use points to pay for additional products, increasing the LTV of every subscriber.

  • Reduce churn by giving subscribers another benefit.
  • Get repeat purchases from people who unsubscribe but need to use points.
  • Build goodwill by rewarding customers for staying with you.

Looking for a subscriptions product you can install today?

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