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Subscriptions + Upsell

Maximize every subscriber

Together, Bold Subscriptions and Bold Upsell unlock new ways to sell more to your most loyal customers. Easily turn one-time purchases into subscriptions, and boost the size of existing subscriber orders with upsells and cross-sells across the subscriber journey.

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Brands maximize revenue and lifetime value with Subscriptions + Upsell
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Are you maximizing the value of your subscribers?


of subscribers are likely to spend more on a brand they’re subscribed to


the cost to acquire a new customer vs. retain an existing one


of subscribers wish there were more opportunities for monthly add-ons

Subscriptions + Upsell = Better together

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  • Sell more subscriptions

    Convert more one-time shoppers into subscribers, and nudge existing subscribers to try additional products with their subscriptions, more than any other subscription solution on the market

  • Delight subscribers

    Create personalized experiences with tailored upsell and cross-sell offers.

  • Maximize revenue and subscriber lifetime value (LTV)

    Your subscribers want more! Increase the size of every single subscription with highly relevant upsells and cross-sells across the subscriber journey.

  • Single solution for subscriptions and upselling

    Bold is the only Shopify developer with both Subscriptions and Upsell solutions, designed to work together. Our seamless integration enables conversion and order-maximizing opportunities not possible anywhere else. Plus, avoid the hassle of multiple providers with a single solution!

Meet the Maximizers™️

Subscription Upsells

Turn shoppers into subscribers

Turn one-time purchases into long-term value with Subscription Upsells. Convert more shoppers by offering a subscriber discount.

Maximize your subscriptions with Bold Upsells
Convertible Subscriptions

Try before you subscribe

Offer "try before you subscribe" with Convertible Subscriptions, removing almost all friction from the initial subscriptions commitment. Customers can also subscribe to one product the first month, then automatically convert to a different product the next month.

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Express Add-ons

One-click subscription add-ons

With Express Add-ons, subscribers can add additional products to their subscription right from the product page with just one click. No need to go through checkout.

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Customer Portal Upsells

Curate customer portal offers

Highlight 'one-time add-on' or 'subscribe' options in the subscription Customer Portal, with Customer Portal Upsells.

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Subscription Email Upsells

Deliver offers via email

Easily top up orders by displaying upsells and cross-sells in the Subscription Upcoming Order email with Subscription Email Upsells.

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Effortless 1-Day Migration With Zero Downtime

Move your subscriptions to Shopify Checkout & get 3 months free!*

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"Bold Subscriptions is absolutely crucial to our business as it efficiently manages our coffee subscriptions, providing a seamless experience for both us and our customers. Recently, we migrated to a new version of the app, and the support team at Bold made the entire process exceptionally smooth. Their assistance was invaluable, and highlighted their commitment to customer satisfaction."

Curious how you can maximize revenue and lifetime value with Bold Subscriptions + Bold Upsell?

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*Migrations from any other subscription service such as Recharge, Paywhirl, Ordergroove, Appstle, Skio, etc, all qualify for 3 months of free subscription app fees with Bold Subscriptions on Shopify Checkout. Upgrades from Bold V1 qualify for 1 month free subscription fees.