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Britt Schmidt

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Bold's journey with Shopify began back in 2009 with a simple goal—to help stores like us, and you, sell more on Shopify.

Our most recent product release announcement couldn't be more perfectly aligned with that original mission. For the past year, our team has been working hard to make Bold Subscriptions the highest converting, and highest order maximizing solution on Shopify.

This is all made possible with what we call the MAXIMIZERS. The Maximizers will increase revenue at every point of your subscriber’s journey! We'll talk about what these Maximizers are and how they work right away— but first it's important to understand why Bold is so uniquely positioned to be able to do this.

Bold was the first company to ever launch an upselling tool for Shopify back in 2012. More than 200,000 stores globally have used it to boost average order value and maximize sales. It's the longest running upsell app on Shopify, and probably trusted by more stores than any other upsell app, ever.

Now we're taking all that upselling and cross-selling power and making it work seamlessly with Bold Subscriptions to allow you to sell more subscriptions than ever before possible!

With the rising costs of running a business, including the costs to advertise, there’s a massive opportunity to maximize the value of your most loyal customers—your subscribers.

In case you missed it, we announced our new Maximizers, as well as new AI-Powered Smart Offers in Bold Upsell at our keynote, Unveiled: Product Announcements from Bold Apps for Shopify. With new AI-Powered Smart Offers, you can put upselling on full autopilot, and let the app determine the most relevant and highest-converting products to offer your customers. Just turn it on, make a few small configurations and let the app do the work for you.

Watch the keynote here, or keep reading to learn how you can start to use our new Maximizers on your store today.

Here’s an overview of each of our newest maximizers so you can start maximizing your revenue today!

Subscription Upsells

Requires Bold Subscriptions and Upsell

Subscription Upsells

We know you're spending a TON of money to get shoppers to your store. We also know subscribers have 400-500% higher Lifetime Value (LTV) than one-time customers. Bold Upsell now helps you make the most of your ad dollars by getting more customers to subscribe!

The Subscription Upsells Maximizer triggers an upsell offer when a shopper adds a product to the cart as a one-time order. The Subscription Upsell pop-up on the add to cart reminds the customer how much they'd save if they subscribe, how easy it is to manage the subscription, and any other benefits that come along with being a subscriber. You can customize the pop-up language and styling in the Shopify theme editor. This is an easy way to get 10-15% more subscribers!

According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring new customers costs as much as 25 times MORE than retaining existing customers. Plus, customers who've previously bought from you are 5 TIMES more likely to buy from you again vs new customers.

View step by step video instructions to get started or visit our Help Centre for detailed setup instructions.

Express Add-ons

Requires Bold Subscriptions

Express Add-ons

Express Add-ons lets your logged in subscribers add any product on the front of your store to their existing subscription with just a click! With other apps customers would have to go through checkout, enter payment info again, probably abandon the order, but even if they don't they end up with 2 subscriptions they now need to manage. It's a mess!

With our new Express Add-Ons it's a great experience for your customers! It's just a click, and it adds to their existing subscription making it easy to manage!

View step by step video instructions to get started or visit our Help Centre for detailed setup instructions.

Customer Portal Upsells

Requires Bold Subscriptions and Upsell

Customer Portal Upsells

Did you know that 92% of subscribers log into their customer portal at least once, and 90% of subscribers say they actually want more opportunities for monthly add-ons from the companies they subscribe to?

The Customer Portal is the subscriber’s home base. It's where they manage everything about their subscription. Our original maximizers allow merchants to add one-time or recurring add-ons to subscriptions. But now you can offer targeted and curated one-click upsell offers that customers can add once to their next shipment, or ongoing forever as part of their subscription!

Customer Portal Upsells can be personalized to each subscriber based on what they're subscribed to and best of all, they can add it to their upcoming subscription with just a click, no need to checkout. There is no need to enter credit card information, address, or anything. It's just a click and one of the EASIEST ways to increase the average order value of every single subscriber.

View step by step video instructions to get started or visit our Help Centre for detailed setup instructions.

Subscription Email Upsells

Requires Bold Subscriptions and Upsell

Subscription Email Upsells

A recent survey sent to subscribers asking "what brands could do better" showed a whopping 90% of subscribers wished there were more opportunities for monthly add-ons.

We have also launched Subscription Email Upsells which are super powerful! Sending emails through Klaviyo with recommended products is great, but imagine sending emails with offers that customers just have to accept with a click and not go through checkout, enter payment details, etc!

Subscription Email Upsells can be for one-time offers, or ongoing as a subscription forever! Add them to your Upcoming Subscription reminder emails automatically. Before each upcoming shipment you can email subscribers a suggested add-on based on the contents of their subscription. And best of all because they're a subscriber they can add it to their upcoming subscription with just 2 clicks! There is no need to go through checkout or enter payment details again.

With Passwordless Login enabled, customers don’t even need a password! We take care of all the emailing, no third party tools required, and you can customize the emails to your own style and branding too!

View step by step video instructions to get started or visit our Help Centre for detailed setup instructions.

Convertible Subscriptions (BETA)

Requires Bold Subscriptions

Convertible Subscriptions (Beta)

Another Maximizer we’re excited to share with you is our Convertible Subscriptions. Making it easier for customers to subscribe from the get go.

Convertible Subscriptions let you sell a subscription with one product shipped the first month that automatically switches to a different product the second month, and so on. This feature is powerful for a variety of use cases. For example selling things like a scent diffuser where the customer gets the diffuser and oils the first month, and then just the oils every month going forward. Or a pet water dish and filters the first month, and then just water filters every month going forward.

Subscribing can feel like a big commitment for some customers and with it there are unknowns. For example, is it easy to manage and cancel? Or more importantly, is it even a product a customer wants every month, forever?

A lot of shoppers will buy something once to try it out, but then never make it back to subscribe. Letting a customer try an item before the subscription is a great way to let a customer try before you subscribe.

Convertible Subscriptions are also great for "Try before you buy" subscriptions. If you want to see your conversions skyrocket, create a small sample size of your product and sell the subscription with an option for the first month to be "Free + Shipping" or even just "$5 + Shipping" and then make it auto convert to the full size month two and on!

We all know subscription conversion is hard. It's much harder to convince someone to subscribe, versus buying a product once.

Convertible Subscriptions are currently in Beta, and are launching soon.

And that's not all!

The 'original' revenue maximizers went live in 2023, but they’re still as relevant as ever. If you haven’t been using them to turn one-time shoppers into subscribers or to sell more to every subscriber it’s not too late to get started.

These Maximizers include Product Add-ons which allow you to give customers the flexibility to add any item to their next order, or all future subscriptions right from the Customer Portal. Customers love that they can browse add-ons directly from their Customer Portal and merchants love to see their most loyal shoppers buying more. Learn how to add a one-time or recurring product to all future subscription orders here.

Another OG Maximizer is Default to Subscribe. An easy, simple change to your subscriptions app block widget can improve subscription conversion significantly. With 1 click you can display your Subscribe and Save option as the preselected choice when your customer lands on the product page. To your customer this signals this is your preferred experience or what most customers are doing.

Subconsciously, it familiarizes customers with the idea of subscribing and introduces pricing (usually at a discounted rate) from the beginning. This anchors them to the reduced rate and improves subscription conversion. Learn more.

If you're not already using the new version of Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout, you're missing out!

In fact, we guarantee you're leaving money on the table by not upgrading. The new Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout is the best app for converting more one-time orders to subscriptions, and selling more to every subscriber.

Are you ready to unlock the full revenue potential of your subscriber base? Our order maximizers seamlessly integrate into Bold Subscriptions and Upsell to help you personalize the subscriber journey and maximize revenue at every touchpoint.

Sign up today for a free 30-day trial of BOTH apps and see the difference order maximizers can make for your business!

Try Bold Subscriptions or Bold Upsell free for 30 days!

Are you looking to take your subscriptions revenue to the next level? Bold offers free, white glove migrations for brands coming from other subscription apps. Learn how you can get 3 months free apps fees when you migrate to Bold today!*

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