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Your subscription, your way

Sell monthly boxes, meal kits, auto-delivery, or any other subscription model on a platform built to drive revenue.

More than recurring sales

Supercharge your subscriptions program with additional sales opportunities; upsell before and after checkout, or by email to current subscribers.

Sell to anyone, anywhere

Bill customers in whichever currency they choose, unlocking the door to international sales.

Install Subscriptions with

Bold Cashier

Upsell by Email

Send your subscribers promotional emails that link to a custom landing page. There, they can add more products to their next subscription shipment with just a couple of clicks.

  • Link straight to checkout, no need to enter their payment info.
  • Let subscribers know about new products.
  • Use the power of email marketing to get more conversions.

Install Subscriptions with

Bold Loyalty Points
Bold Cashier

Offer reward points

Motivate new and existing customers to sign up for a subscription by giving them points they can use for discounts and other rewards through your loyalty program.

  • Existing customers can redeem points as cash to use towards the first payment on their subscription.
  • Subscription customers earn points on every recurring payment for their subscription.
  • Customers can redeem points at checkout to pay for other products in their cart.

Install Subscriptions with

Bold Cashier

Payment capture on shipment

Charge your subscribers as soon as their order is shipped instead of on a recurring date to avoid billing for products that haven’t gone out yet.

  • Automatically comply with regulations about shipping before charging.
  • Use a multilingual checkout.
  • Create a checkout customized to all your needs.
  • Let customers save multiple credit cards for future purchases.

Install Subscriptions with

Bold Upsell

Increase average order value with cross-sells

Convince your customers to add more to their cart by cross-selling a complementary product with their subscription. E.g. Offer customers a mug to go with their coffee subscription, or a hair accessory to go with their shampoo subscription.

  • Set up personalized cross-sell offers for each subscription in Bold Upsell.
  • Automatically offer a cross-sell with an upsell window that pops up with the product they can add to their subscription.
  • If they accept the offer, the complementary product will be added to their cart, increasing their total spend.

Install Subscriptions with

Bold Brain

Subscription recommendations

Take the guesswork out of subscription recommendations by leveraging Brain’s machine learning and AI to generate high-converting subscription recommendations based off your customer’s purchase history.

  • Use the easy-to-read analytic reports about your store’s past orders to discover how often specific products are purchased and in which intervals.
  • Automatically generate subscription recommendations.
  • Review each recommendation and accept which ones you would like to offer to your customers.
  • Add products to a recurring order subscription group with a couple of clicks.

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1% transaction fee


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Convertible subscriptions
Product Swapping
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Pre-paid & gift subscriptions
Inventory Forecasting
Analytics and Data Exports
Customizable Email Notifications
Billing & Discount Solutions
Flexible subscriptions billing
Subscribe & Save
Dynamic Discounts
Fixed and Same Day Billing
Checkout and Payments
Support for 20+ Payment Gateways
Product or cart subscriptions
PCI & GDPR Compliant
One page Checkout When paired with Bold Cashier
Stored Accounts When paired with Bold Cashier
Branded Checkout When paired with Bold Cashier
Upsell after checkout When paired with Bold Cashier and Bold Upsell
Customer and Churn Management
Customer-managed subscription portal
Declined Transaction Management
Cancellation prevention
8+ Included Integrations
Bold Loyalty Points Integration When paired with Bold Cashier
Tax Jar Integration When paired with Bold Cashier
Riskified Integration When paired with Bold Cashier
- - - And more Cashier integrations... When paired with Bold Cashier
Advanced Customization
Customer Portal API
Build A Box / Custom Subscription Boxes
Priority Support
Product Shuffle
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