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Bold Subscriptions: Now integrated with the Shopify checkout

Learn about the new Bold Subscriptions on Shopify and sign up for updates.

  • Allow customers to purchase both recurring and one-time right in the Shopify checkout.
  • Access advanced subscription customization through our robust APIs and webhooks.
What you need to know:
  • Migrations from existing subscriptions platform (including Bold Subscriptions V1) will not be available at launch.*
  • Any new third party subscription apps integrated with Shopify’s checkout, including the new Bold Subscriptions, must use Shopify Payments as the payment gateway.
  • Shopify Storefront APIs and Shopify Plus scripts are not currently compatible with the new Bold Subscriptions.

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Third party subscription apps that are integrated with the Shopify checkout, including the new Bold Subscriptions, require Shopify Payments to be used as the payment gateway.

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