<strong>Recurring Memberships</strong> Shopify App

Recurring Memberships Shopify App

Sell memberships to your Shopify store to give VIP access, offer subscription boxes or online services!

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Recurring Memberships Shopify App


    Recurring Memberships is designed to allow you to run any type of membership on your Shopify store and charge a recurring membership fee for it. It's a powerful subscription app that can be as simple or as complex as you want. There are three main ways we see it being used, but really, the sky’s the limit!

    Subscription boxes: A subscription box is where you ship a ‘surprise’ to a customer every month in a specific category. Wine of the month, candle of the month, etc. It's different from our Recurring Orders app in the sense that it's not one specific product a customer orders a subscription to, but random products in a certain category.

    You can also sell memberships for offline services that you'd like to have customers subscribe to or become members of. The key here is that these are not Shopify orders, they're a service you provide that you'd like to have recurring billing for.

    Finally, one of the most powerful things about this app is that it can change content on your website for members. You can change, show, or hide elements on your store based off of what membership they have.

    • Offer memberships with different levels of access to your store or products pages.
    • Ideal for any type of membership, even offline services like clubs, daycares or bootcamps: anything you need recurring billing for.
    • Customers will have the option to fill out an embedded sign-up form or can use links.
    • Features customer admin portal and automated emails.
    • Complete design and language control.

    This app is designed to allow you to run any type of membership on your Shopify store and charge a recurring membership fee for it. From sophisticated memberships that show different content, blogs, or change something on your site, to basic memberships for offline services such as fitness classes, piano lessons, or any other type of membership, this app does it all!

    And it’s the perfect way to send out subscription boxes too!

  • FAQ

    What is the difference between this and the Recurring Orders app?

    The short answer is our Recurring Orders app ideal for letting customers shop your site and select specific products they'd like to subscribe to. Our "Memberships" app is designed for memberships and not a subscription to a specific product. It could be a service, a box, or just another level of access to your site. Here's more detail on the differences between the two.