<strong>Product Upsell</strong> Shopify App

Product Upsell Shopify App

Offer ‘upsell’ products at the point of checkout to increase every sale that goes through your store.

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Use Product Upsell with Shopify to offer and cross-sell products during checkout won Shopify.
Track upsell and cross-sell conversion performance with Product Upsell on Shopify
Match Product Upsell offers that go together to increase your Shopify conversions.
Set conditional Product Upsell offers on Shopify.

Product Upsell Shopify App


    It’s the #1 Shopify upsell app for a reason! Product Upsell gives you the ability to offer a customizable ‘upsell' product at the point of checkout. You can offer your customers pre-selected products based on what's currently in their cart or the dollar amount of the order, it’s that easy.

    So if a customer adds a camera to their cart, you can offer them a memory card and a camera bag to go along with it. Or, if they’re buying a laptop, it'll offer them a laptop case instead. Brilliant!

    Stores using the app have generated thousands and thousands in upsell purchases to date with a total overall conversion rate of 22%!! Install the app today to make sure you’re not missing out on those sales!


    Product Upsell is currently one of the fastest growing apps in the app store and we’re very proud to have recently made it into the Top 5 Most Popular Apps! It’s also been listed as a #1 Recommended Shopify App and is currently featured as a special Scale Your Store App. But, more importantly, this app is increasing sales for eCommerce stores every day!

    • Offer relevant add-on products to customers based on cart content, dollar amount or a combination of both.
    • Pair it with our awesome Product Discount app to run BOGO offers.
    • The ONLY Shopify app that has the potential to increase the amount of every single sale that goes through your store.

    The Upsell app gives you the ability to offer an upsell product at the point of checkout based on the contents of the customer's shopping cart. You can offer single or multiple products based on what's currently in your customer's cart. So, for example, if they buy a camera you can offer them a memory card to go along with it, but if they buy a laptop, it’ll offer them a laptop case instead.

    Offers can be based on the products represented in the customer's cart or the dollar amount, it's completely up to you!

  • FAQ

    Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    90% of of the time there is no liquid update required, this app just works "out of the box". However, some themes use AJAX on their product pages that may require an update for the app to work. If the Upsell offers do not pop up on the product pages this might be the case. There are instructions in the app how to do this, and as well a button you can click to request us to do it for you.

    If an upsell offer has 2 products displayed, can a customer choose both?

    Yes. To allow customers to add more than 1 product to their cart from an Upsell offer, select the "Allow customers to add more than 1 product to cart" checkbox in Step 3 of the offer details.

    What happens if the customer's basket triggers more than one offer?

    If the customer's cart triggers multiple Upsell offers, they will be combined into one pop-up. The text displayed to the customer can be configured in the General Settings section of the app.

    How many products can I include in an offer?

    You can include up to 4 products in an offer if selecting using the Product Selector, or up to 50 if choosing from a collection. Generally, it is best to keep the number of products upsold to a minimum to avoid confusing customers. We recommend a 1-2 product maximum for most offers.

    Is there a limit to the number of upsell offers I can offer?

    No, there is no limit to the number of offers that you can create. Creating several highly targeted offers is the best way to drive conversions!