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Elevate Your Upsell Game: An Exciting New Partnership with Good Subscriptions Upsell

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Ash McGrath

Sr. Copywriter

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The ecommerce landscape is fierce as brands fight to grow customer loyalty and remain relevant in a competitive market. With competition at an all time high, effective upselling strategies are critical to driving revenue growth. This means that it’s imperative that brands deploy effective subscription-based upselling that simultaneously provides value and forges a personalized connection with their customers.

Today, we’re excited to spotlight our partnership with Good Subscriptions Upsell , a game-changing Shopify app that revolutionizes the upselling process.

The Evolution of Upselling Strategies

Historically, brands have deployed many upselling tactics, with varying degrees of success. Traditional methods often fail to establish a lasting connection with the customer, resulting in missed opportunities for additional sales. The solution? Subscription-based upselling. This approach goes beyond one-off transactions, fostering an ongoing relationship between a brand and its customers. Creating an effective subscription-based upselling strategy, however, requires more than just a static pitch. It requires innovative technology that identifies upsell opportunities and presents them to your customers in an appealing, personalized way. That’s where Good Subscriptions Upsell becomes a powerful tool for brands.

Key Features of the Bold and Good Subscriptions Upsell Apps

Bold Subscriptions, one of our flagship products, is a versatile tool that allows ecommerce brands to create both cross-sell and upsell offers. It is a flexible solution designed to enhance the shopping experience to boost revenue – whether it’s offering an additional product or an upgraded version. The platform also intuitively triggers offers at various points, including during checkout, and even post-purchase allowing brands more opportunity to capture additional revenue.

Now enter Good Subscriptions Upsell, a first-of-its-kind Shopify app dedicated to creating high-converting subscription sign-up experiences, without the need for extensive design and development resources. Developed by Good Subscription Agency, this app builds on a wealth of experience from conversion rate optimization (CRO) projects for subscription brands since 2020. Their meticulous data-informed subscription redesign process, which includes user sessions, heatmaps, and split-testing, is what makes Good Subscriptions Upsell a highly effective app.

Bold + Good Subscriptions: A Powerhouse for Your Brand

The integration of Bold Subscriptions and Good Subscriptions Upsell brings together the best of both worlds, combining the customizable nature of Bold with the targeted upselling prowess of Good Subscriptions. This synergy opens up an exciting new realm of possibilities for ecommerce brands. Good Subscriptions Upsell has a proven track record of boosting Subscribe & Save conversion rates through its beautifully designed and powerful upsell widget. The Subscribe & Save feature is a vital aspect of ecommerce sales, with some customers worth 2-3x more in LTV than one-time purchasers. The focus of the app is to make the Subscribe & Save program an irresistible offer for website visitors, converting as many shoppers to the program as possible.

A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between Bold and Good Subscriptions is an exciting development in the ecommerce landscape. Future updates include multiple Subscribe & Save widget styles and types, as well as a powerful user-friendly widget for selling memberships and clubs.

The Good Subscriptions Agency has a deep-seated belief in greatness from small beginnings. They are passionate about helping small yet outstanding subscription brands create world-class experiences for their loyal customers. This philosophy resonates strongly with the Bold ethos, making the partnership a perfect match. Our partnership with Good Subscriptions Upsell reflects a commitment from both sides to empower ecommerce brands with innovative solutions. We’re confident that our combined strengths within this collaboration will create even more opportunities for brands to thrive in the ecommerce space. What’s even more exciting? For a limited time, Bold customers can enjoy a free 60-day trial of the Good Subscriptions Upsell app. This is an unmissable opportunity for brands to take their upselling strategy to the next level! Click here to take even closer look at the transformative power of Good Subscriptions Upsell.

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Ash McGrath

Sr. Copywriter

Ash McGrath is a Sr. Copywriter at Bold Commerce.

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