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Bold Commerce Maximizes Subscription Revenue By Introducing Upsell Opportunities at Every Subscriber Touchpoint

June 13, 2024

Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout and Bold Upsell Can Now Work Together To Drive Subscription Conversion and Increase Average Order Value

AUSTIN, Texas & WINNIPEG, Manitoba (June 13, 2024)--

Bold Commerce, the ecommerce technology company that powers checkout and subscription experiences for leading retailers and DTC brands, today announced its new upsell and cross-sell capabilities for Bold Subscriptions for Shopify Checkout through an integration with Bold Upsell. Now, brands and retailers on Shopify can use Bold’s subscription and upsell applications in tandem to convert more one-time purchases into subscriptions and increase average order value (AOV) by introducing product upsells and cross-sells across subscribers’ journeys. The new integration will make Bold Subscriptions the only subscriptions application to have upselling and cross-selling capabilities.

Since its founding, Bold has built solutions for brands to create and customize powerful commerce experiences. The company launched in 2012 with Bold Upsell, which became the first upselling tool for Shopify in the same year. In the past decade-plus, Bold has expanded its capabilities across the ecommerce experience through its eight core applications, including Bold Subscriptions, Bold Upsell and Bold Custom Pricing. More than 760,000 Shopify brands have used Bold’s suite of applications to maximize their ecommerce sales.

Bold now brings two of its Shopify applications to work together for the first time. Bold Subscriptions users that build, launch and scale recurring subscriptions with the solution, can now also utilize Bold Upsell to upsell and cross-sell relevant products to subscribers, at the right time and right place. The only company to natively offer both subscription and upsell applications, Bold powers a seamless experience for brands to use the two applications together to boost AOV and customer lifetime value (LTV) to increase subscription revenue.

Bold Subscriptions’ upsell and cross-sell opportunities for brands on Shopify now include:

  • Subscription Upsells: When a customer adds a product to their cart as a one-time purchase, brands can offer a Subscription Upsell. This reminds shoppers how much they'd save if they subscribed, how easy it is to manage a subscription, and any other benefits that might come along with being a subscriber.
  • Express Add-ons: Typically, customers that want to add a product to their existing subscription must go through the whole subscription purchase process again, requiring them to re-enter credit card details at checkout. This could also cause subscribers to end up with two subscriptions to manage. With Bold’s Express Add-ons, existing subscribers can add any product to their subscription with a single click. For example, if a customer is subscribed to protein powder and wants to add probiotics, they can now easily add it to their existing subscription.
  • Customer Portal Upsells: The Customer Portal is the subscribers’ home base: it's where they manage everything about their subscription. Brands can now offer targeted one-click upsell offers within the Customer Portal. Customers can add these products as a one-time purchase, or as an addition to their recurring subscription, without having to enter credit card information, an address, or anything else.
  • Subscription Email Upsells: Brands can email subscribers a suggested add-on each month that they can then add as a one-time purchase or as an addition to their recurring subscription, without having to go through checkout.
  • Convertible Subscriptions: Customers can subscribe to one product the first month, then automatically convert to a different product the next month, and so on. For example, if a customer buys a trial skin care product month one, they can switch to the full size every month going forward.

“Our business was built on the power of upselling, which gives us unique expertise to reimagine how brands can leverage upsell and cross-sell opportunities in new ways to increase average order value and grow revenue,” said Jay Myers, Co-Founder, Bold Commerce. “Bold is taking brands’ subscription programs to the next level by introducing these new capabilities, so they can convert more one-time shoppers to subscribers and introduce subscribers to new and relevant products.”

Bold Subscriptions enables brands to configure, customize and tailor their subscription offering exactly to business needs, unlike other subscriptions technologies that force brands to adapt their subscription offering to the application. This includes giving customers flexibility and control to pause, edit, skip, swap their upcoming or prepaid subscriptions, and manage their subscription with passwordless login. Brands can quickly launch subscription programs with Bold Subscriptions’ powerful out-of-the-box features, or use its robust APIs to create and configure any subscription offering imaginable–on any digital channel.

The new integration is part of the continued growth of Bold’s Shopify Apps business, led by the company’s eight core applications and its growing Apps Affiliate Program.

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