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Orium is North America's leading composable commerce consultancy and systems integrator.

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Orium is North America's leading composable commerce consultancy and systems integrator. They specialize in composable commerce, customer data, and retail platform engineering. With over a decade of experience in creating custom digital programs, they work closely with best-in-class technology partners to bring modern commerce experiences to life as a member of the MACH Alliance.

Together with Bold, Orium has delivered innovative solutions for Harry Rosen. Additionally, Orium has created Bold Headless Checkout Accelerator to help create flexible, customizable and highly converting checkout solutions.

Why Bold and Orium

The integration of Bold Checkout with Orium, North America's leading composable commerce consultancy and systems integrator, epitomizes a dynamic collaboration at the forefront of modern ecommerce. As a member of the MACH Alliance, Orium combines over a decade of experience with best-in-class technology partnerships, showcasing its commitment to crafting innovative digital programs.

In partnership with Bold, Orium has delivered groundbreaking solutions for renowned brands like Harry Rosen. Notably, they have introduced the Bold Headless Checkout Accelerator, by Orium, a cutting-edge tool designed to provide businesses with highly converting, customizable, and flexible checkout solutions. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to redefining the ecommerce landscape, offering tailored solutions that elevate the checkout experience for merchants and customers alike. The Bold Headless Checkout Accelerator reflects the synergy between Bold's expertise and Orium's proficiency in composable commerce, ushering in a new era of streamlined and innovative checkout solutions for the modern digital era.

Featured Stories:

Harry Rosen

For over 65 years, the name Harry Rosen has been synonymous with luxury menswear in Canada. Harry Rosen brought brands such as Brunello Cuccinelli, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Moncler to Canadian shoppers and in 2018, they partnered with Orium to bring next generation digital experiences to their clientele. Needing a digital experience to match and enhance their high-end in store experience, Orium embarked on a broad engagement with Harry Rosen to connect clients, employees, and systems management in one comprehensive platform. The result is an award-winning digital retail experience showcasing the best of what MACH technologies can do.

Read the Orium Harry Rosen case study. Read Bold's Harry Rosen "Club Harry" customer story.

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