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Totally customizable

Design a checkout customized to all your needs.

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Give customers the option to pay with over 15 popular gateways.

Reduce abandoned carts

Use a one-page checkout to make it easier for customers to complete their purchase, reducing abandoned carts.

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Cashier has been the backbone of our checkout process! We especially LOVE Product Discount and Product Upsell and how all the Bold apps work so well together. For us, being able to upsell as people add to cart and allowing product subscriptions has been huge!

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Bold Upsell
Bold Brain

Upsell after check out

Activate data-driven upsell offers that pop-up immediately after check out. Customers can add the offers to their purchase with one click. These are statistically the highest converting upsells.

  • Increase sales with higher conversion rates.
  • Make it easy for customers to make their orders bigger and better because they don’t have to enter their information to buy more.
  • Activate the recommended upsell with one click through Brain.

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Bold Multi-Currency

Multi-currency pricing & billing

When combined with Bold Multi-Currency, you can display and collect payments in 150+ real-time currencies that auto-switch based on a customer’s location.

  • Give international shoppers a seamless experience with no hidden currency conversion fees.
  • Add additional padding to conversion rates (either real-time rates or overridden amounts) with an extra percentage or dollar amount.
  • Give customers the option to select their own currency.

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Bold Loyalty Points

Pay with reward points

Give customers the ability to use rewards points just like cash. That means they can pay for all or part of their purchase using reward points, with no coupon codes necessary.

  • Email customers reminders to come use their rewards points.
  • Motivate brand loyalty with rewards points.
  • Offer custom rewards that motivate shoppers to spend more.

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Bold Custom Pricing

Automated custom pricing

Offer wholesale discounts, bulk discounts, and discount codes to anyone in your store, automatically assigning new pricing tiers when they reach milestones you’ve set.

  • Automate pricing for every shopper.
  • Sync with inventory apps like Shipstation and Brightpearl.
  • Persuade customers to spend more with automatic discounts.

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Bold Subscriptions

Payment capture on shipping

Bill your subscription customers as soon as their order is shipped instead of on a set recurring date to avoid charging for products that haven’t shipped yet.

  • Automatically comply with regulations about shipping before charging.
  • Start offering recurring orders.

Pricing designed to scale with your business

With a +0.5% transaction fee on processed sales and no hidden monthly charges, pricing is straightforward and transparent.

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+0.5% transaction fee

With only a +0.5% transaction fee on processed sales and no monthly charges, you’re never paying more than you need to.

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