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Checkout Checkmate: Reimagining Home Depot’s blog-based checkout experience

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Casey Gannon

Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships

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Welcome to Checkout Checkmate, where we dive into the heart of checkout experiences to unlock their full potential for some of the biggest brands. Today, we're setting our sights on Home Depot, exploring how they can elevate their checkout process to enhance conversion rates, lifetime value, and average order value – the Checkout Power Trio.

At Bold, we're passionate about optimizing the checkout journey. I recently received an email from Home Depot about a DIY dog bed — It couldn't have come at a better time, coinciding with the arrival of a new bulldog puppy in my household.

The instructions for the dog bed were impeccable, accompanied by a comprehensive list of supplies. However, there was a snag – every item was linked to an individual product page, and there were 12 items needed. That’s 12 clicks to product pages, then 12 clicks to add each item to the cart before even making it to the checkout, resulting in a staggering 25 clicks just to make a purchase. Sound familiar? This cumbersome experience is all too common in the blogosphere.

But what if Home Depot reimagined this experience? What if, with just one click, customers could seamlessly add all necessary items to their cart directly from the blog post and checkout?

Enter the concept of a blog checkout flow. At Bold, we've conceptualized a solution that streamlines the purchasing journey, eliminating unnecessary steps and friction points. Imagine adding products to your cart in bulk, selecting your preferred shipping method – in my case, local pickup – and seamlessly proceeding to checkout, all without leaving the blog page. And to expedite the process, why not offer preferred payment methods like PayPal?

But it doesn't end there. By leveraging customer data and past purchase history, Home Depot can tailor the checkout experience to match individual preferences, fostering loyalty and maximizing lifetime value. Automatic application of discount codes from an email, ensures a seamless and uninterrupted transaction.

By implementing personalization, Home Depot not only enhances conversion rates but also boosts average order value and customer retention. Checkout ceases to be a mere formality; it becomes a strategic opportunity to delight customers and drive revenue.

So, to all brands out there, take note: the checkout experience is your make or break moment. Embrace innovation, personalize the journey, and watch as your bottom line grows.

Join us next time as we reimagine another checkout experience, uncovering strategies for success in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. Until then, stay bold!

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Casey Gannon

Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships

Casey Gannon is the Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships at Bold Commerce

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