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Personalized CheckoutCheckout

Because One-Size Never Fits All

Checkout is your brand’s make or break moment. Don’t leave money on the table with limitations that hold your business back.

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Dial in profit with the Checkout Power Trio

Optimizing only for conversion with a one-size checkout is hardly a perfect fit. That's why Bold delivers personalized checkout flows to suit your business’ needs. Now you can harness the power of conversion, Lifetime Value (LTV), and Average Order Value (AOV) together for results that you can take to the bank.


Average Order Value

Lifetime Value

Checkout that makes
dollars and sense

Drive more revenue

Bold Checkout Flows
  • Tailor Checkout flows by audience

    Optimize the power trio with customer-specific checkout flows based on shopper profile, device, touchpoint and more.

  • Sell anywhere

    Deliver seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints and allow shoppers to checkout on blogs, social media, in-store kiosks and more, with a single, unified checkout.

  • Continuously optimize your checkout experience

    Build, test and iterate an unlimited number of checkout flows with a/b testing.

  • Seamless subscriptions

    Enable recurring payments and upsell one-time purchases into subscriptions in the same cart.

Unlock efficiency

Payment flexibility
  • No code, No headache

    Adapt in real-time to customer behaviors and business needs with a library of no-code, pre-built checkout flows that can be easily customized.

  • Total payment flexibility

    Launch and test alternative payment methods with ease without giving up your preferred payment processor.

  • Better together

    Access leading commerce technologies with Bold’s pre-integrated ecosystem of partners — from payment, tax, fraud, and shipping services, we have you covered.

  • Future proof

    De-risk with Bold’s composable, headless checkout to drive revenue today, and lower your total cost of ownership over time.

Change your checkout, not your platform

Bold Checkout fits right in with your commerce stack.

Integrate with just about anything

Launch faster with pre-built payments and technology integrations, or sync to any front or back end services with our API-first headless architecture.

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Brands making it Bold

Bold Commerce Image
  • Conditional price rules and offers across online and instore channels
  • Launched BOPIS checkout plug in 72 hours
  • B2C and B2B experiences combined through unified checkout
  • Personalized checkout flows to optimize website and instore kiosk conversion
  • Staples Canada
  • Harry Rosen

One-size-fits-all checkout is dead. It pays to be Bold.

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