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Join the Bold Apps Affiliate Program for Shopify

Our program is designed to help brands on Shopify grow their businesses, while providing affiliates, agencies, brands, bloggers, creators and influencers the exclusive opportunity to earn commission.

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Affiliate program benefits:

Earn commission:

Refer and activate customers to earn up to 20% revenue, recurring for as long as they're a paying customer!

Generous 30-day attribution window:

As long as an app is installed within 30 days of clicking your link, it's attributed to you!

Simple management:

Register leads, track referrals, and view payouts in one portal.

Exclusive access:

Receive early access to beta features and new product insights.

Boost brand reach:

Collaborate on marketing for enhanced awareness and leads.

Exclusive launch offer

As part of our launch, you can unlock up to 30% lifetime commission.*

Refer 10 installs within 30 days of activating your account and we'll lock you in at 25% commission!

This applies to all future referrals, not just the first 10 installs!

Refer 20 installs within 30 days of activating your account and we'll lock you in at 30% commission!

This applies to all future referrals, not just the first 20 installs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do commission payouts get sent?

To receive a payout, affiliates must first meet the $50 minimum payout threshold. Payouts are issued within 30 days after the end of the previous month via PayPal. Commissions will rollover month to month until a $50 minimum payout threshold is reached.

How are affiliate commissions calculated?

Commission is based on a percentage of net revenue from what the store pays us for our app. For example, if a store pays $100/month and net revenue is 82%, and your commission rate is 20%, your payout is 20% x $82 or ($16.40) per month. Net revenue is app fee + transaction revenue minus platform costs, taxes, etc. You either make 20%, 25%, or 30% commission depending on how many referrals you make in the first 30 days.

What happens as stores upgrade and downgrade app plans?

Your affiliate commission is tied to the total amount paid by a shop in the previous billing cycle. So if they upgrade to a more expensive plan your commission goes up, and likewise if they downgrade your commissions will go down.

If a store installs one app through my link, are any other apps that store installs registered to me?

When a shop clicks on your unique affiliate link and installs any number of apps within 30 days it will be attributed to your account. If they click on your unique link, install an app and then 6 months later install another app, that will not count towards your account. Only installs that happen within 30 days of clicking a link are attributed.

What happens if I refer someone but they don't use my link?

No problem! We know often referrals happen over word of mouth. If you refer someone and you know they installed an app just let us know at [email protected] and we'll link it to your account.

Have any recent referral installs? Affiliate referral installs dating back to October 1, 2023 are eligible. To add an eligible referral install to your account, contact [email protected].

*An install is a customer that completes the trial and becomes a paying customer for at least 1 billing cycle. Offer does not apply to Bold Subscriptions affiliate referrals. Bold Subscriptions affiliate commission will remain at 10%, however, all app installs count towards install count for increased commissions on all other Bold apps.

Join the Bold Apps Affiliate Program for Shopify

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