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Bold Commerce Launches New Partner Program to Transform Brands’ Checkout Experiences

February 29, 2024

Build with Bold Program Gives Solutions and Agency Partners Access to the Retail Company’s Technology, Certification Program and Expert Support

Austin, Texas & Winnipeg, Manitoba

Bold Commerce the headless checkout company for leading omnichannel retailers and DTC brands, today announced the launch of its Build with Bold Partner Program. Bold Commerce has worked with agency and technology partners, including PayPal, Klarna, commercetools, Orium and Coalition Technologies, for over a decade to create innovative checkout experiences for shoppers. Now, the company is introducing a new program to extend its technology and expertise to new solutions and agency partners, and strengthen the checkout capabilities of existing partners and the brands they work with.

Brands have long avoided personalizing shoppers’ checkout experiences, due in large part to the limitations of their traditional ecommerce platforms and the cost and complexity of replatforming. But, the rise of composable commerce has introduced the ability for brands to mix and match ecommerce solutions on top of their existing technology, to power unique checkout and other shopping experiences. The benefits of composable are clear to brands, but for many, the hesitancy to make the transition comes from not knowing where to begin.

To make the move to composable, many brands are looking to agencies for guidance. Bold Commerce’s new Build with Bold Partner Program offers solutions and agency partners the technology, training and expertise they need to power brands’ composable journeys–starting with checkout. As brands’ make or break moment, checkout has the biggest impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions and the highest return on investment, making it an important piece of the shopping journey to transform first.

The new partner program makes composable more accessible to solutions and agency partners, so they can deliver increased value to their brand clients by building innovative checkout experiences. Companies that join the partner program will be able to leverage Bold’s technology, training and expert support. Specifically, partners will receive robust developer documentation, a dedicated API support team, access to a customized certification program and priority technical assistance to ensure their success.

The program formalizes the checkout work that Bold has been doing with solutions and agency partners including Orium, Coalition Technologies, Royal Cyber, Guidance, Absolute Web, ITG Commerce and Terrific Minds, as well as technology companies like Klarna, PayPal, Wink, BigCommerce and commercetools.

For example, Bold and Orium introduced an accelerator to enable brands to deploy a headless checkout and start their composable commerce journey, regardless of their ecommerce platform. This instantly connects Orium’s brands with a comprehensive set of checkout capabilities powered by Bold, such as upsell, payment flexibility, fraud, and tax integrations.

“Bold sees the future of checkout, and we are thrilled to partner in making this future a reality for our customers,” said Jason Cottrell, Founder and CEO, Orium. “Our partnership is open, collaborative, and aligned around the idea that personalization and excitement is possible at every step of the commerce journey.”

Bold also recently launched a new accelerator with Coalition Technologies that brings checkout directly into video, email and other marketing experiences. The technology introduces curated purchase and upsell opportunities at shoppers’ highest point of interest by bringing them directly into checkout, instead of taking shoppers out of their immediate experience. Bold also created Curb Up in partnership with ecommerce agency Knit last year, which enables retailers to introduce upsell and cross-sell opportunities after a curbside order has been placed and during pick-up, to recapture the high-margin impulse purchases lost with the growth of curbside checkout.

“If brands haven’t already started their composable commerce journey, it’s probably because they don’t know where or how to get started. That’s where agencies can help,” said Noel Hedgecock, Head of Sales and Agency Partnerships, Bold Commerce. “Our new enablement program provides agencies with the technology and proven approach to power brands’ transition to composable, starting with checkout. An initiative that brands have consistently avoided will now be the starting point for their fully composable ecommerce infrastructure.”

Agencies and technology companies can learn more about the Build with Bold Partner Program and apply to become a partner here.

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