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Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is the number one ranked on Google search engine optimization firm.

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Coalition Technologies is the number one ranked on Google search engine optimization firm, and has received top ratings from our customers on all review sites. Whether you need a good Los Angeles web design company, a skilled SEO team or a top notch branding agency, Coalition Technologies is your solution.

Bold and Coalition Technologies have created the checkout accelerator Checkout Unleashed to help brands quickly enable custom and unique checkout experiences.

Why Bold and Coalition Technologies

The integration of Bold Checkout with Coalition Technologies, a top-ranked SEO firm and acclaimed web design agency, marks a powerful collaboration in the digital landscape. Renowned for being the number one SEO firm and receiving top ratings from customers on various review sites, Coalition Technologies stands out for delivering exceptional web design and SEO solutions.

In partnership with Bold, Coalition Technologies has created Checkout Unleashed—an accelerator designed to help brands quickly implement custom and unique checkout experiences. Checkout Unleashed, enables brands to swiftly enhance their checkout experiences. Businesses can anticipate an optimized user experience, with visually appealing and  user-friendly checkout processes that go beyond mere functionality. Coalition Technologies' SEO proficiency is leveraged to ensure that the checkout pages are search engine-friendly, contributing to improved discoverability and organic traffic. The integration also guarantees branding consistency, aligning the checkout process seamlessly with the brand's identity, fostering trust and recognition among customers. Furthermore, businesses can benefit from conversion rate optimization strategies, informed by Coalition Technologies' insights into user behavior.

"Bold has long been an innovative partner and leader in digital commerce, providing the tools and people necessary for agencies like Coalition to succeed on behalf of our shared clients."
- Jordan Brannon, President & COO

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In the year before launching the new site with Coalition, Spiceology received 756,346 users with 1,246,804 sessions and had a bounce rate of 28.37%. In the year after their launch, they received 1,407,211 users for a total of 2,090,881 sessions and a bounce rate of only 7.33%. That is an 86% increase in users with a 68% increase in the number of sessions.

For their ecommerce results, Spiceology saw $1,326,318 in revenue from 20,048 transactions in the year before launching. In the year after the launch, they saw $4,422,314 in revenue from 67,929 transactions. That is a 233% increase in revenue and a 239% increase in the number of transactions in only a year’s time.

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Pink Lily Boutique

Our campaigns were able to achieve outstanding results in the first eleven months alone. Organic search revenue grew from $269k to $386k a month. Our paid search campaign grew PPC revenue from $525k to $918k a month and revenue from paid social media campaigns increased from $59k to $217k a month.

In the first year of working with us, Pink Lily generated a revenue of $2.5 million from the $100,000 worth of services we provided.

After working with us for 3 years, we were able to increase Pink Lily’s revenue by 33% year over year, with them achieving an overall revenue of $19.5 million.

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Spinning, the brand behind indoor cycling globally, was spending close to $.20 for every $1.00 of revenue that their pay-per-click campaign generated. After nearly losing money with the effort, Spinning turned to us to manage their PPC and SEO.

We revamped Spinning’s Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns, adding new ad groups, ads, keywords, and editing bids for each. We also offered consulting on landing pages and user experience for the website as well as worked with Spinning’s team to implement a laundry list of necessary SEO fixes.

Ninety days later, Spinning’s revenue from PPC was up by 18% and their CPA (cost per acquisition) was down by 50%. That meant they were spending far less to get more revenue. Our initial improvements netted them a quarter of a million dollars in additional profit in the first year we managed their campaigns. Our PPC campaigns generated $6,000,000 in revenue in three years. The SEO campaigns have shown even better revenue results. Spinning’s average monthly revenue reached $300,000 and organic users increased by 43% versus the previous year.

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