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ClearSale understands that protecting business against fraud-related chargebacks takes more than what technology can provide.

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ClearSale understands that protecting business against fraud-related chargebacks takes more than what technology can provide. ClearSale’s innovative fraud solutions combine advanced technology with a passionate team of seasoned experts that understand every client’s unique needs and are invested in their long term success. ClearSale’s problem-solving DNA, its in-house expert team of 500 fraud analysts, its proprietary consumer-behavior technology, and its decade-plus of identifying and preventing fraud in the most complex and dynamic international ecommerce markets make ClearSale the fraud prevention partner of choice.

Why Bold and ClearSale

For merchants utilizing Bold Checkout, this partnership offers several significant advantages. Firstly, the integration enhances the security of the checkout process, providing an additional layer of defense against fraudulent transactions. ClearSale's tools are designed to accurately assess the legitimacy of transactions, contributing to a reduction in chargebacks and safeguarding merchants from potential financial losses.

Moreover, the collaboration helps in building customer trust by ensuring a secure and reliable shopping experience. By implementing robust fraud prevention measures seamlessly within Bold Checkout, the partnership aims to streamline operations, allowing for effective fraud prevention without causing disruptions to the natural flow of the checkout process.

“Our partnership with Bold Commerce focuses on convenience, optimization, and a streamlined approach to risk management and fraud prevention. As ecommerce retailers, you deserve the peace of mind knowing that fraud is neutralized and that good customers are never turned away. Together, we ensure that your store maximizes conversions and boosts revenue, all while offering the customer experience that your shoppers deserve.”
–Faye McEachern, Director of Partnerships, ClearSale

Featured Stories


Samsonite had to manage two major pivots at the start of 2020. “With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic came the closure of many of our physical stores around the world, achieving a dramatic change in consumer travel habits,” said ecommerce manager Cristian Campos. “Travel is the core of our business, and we had to modify our strategy to accommodate customers who were now buying online to work remotely from the beach or the ranch or while staying with relatives. Because of these shifts, it was very important that our customers could have our entire Samsonite catalog within reach.”
The company’s two websites—one for Samsonite and related brands and another for the luxury Tumi brand—attracted shoppers. They also attracted fraudsters who knew how to bypass the basic anti-fraud tools built into the sites’ ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. The luxury brand needed a partner that could help them avoid costly chargebacks and prevent fraud, but not at the cost of customer experience by “erring on the side of caution” and generating false declines.
ClearSale’s Total Guaranteed Protection eliminated fraud-related chargeback costs and increased order approval rates by sharply reducing false declines through a combination of AI-powered order screening and advanced secondary review. Within four months, Samsonite and Tumi saw:
100% sales peak approval rate, up from 80%.
Zero costs related to fraudulent chargebacks.
93.2% average monthly approval rate.
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GoFoodservice serves restaurateurs, hotels, care facilities, and other hospitality customers with the commercial kitchen equipment, dining room furniture, and supplies they need to meet their guests’ needs. To adapt to the changes that the pandemic inflicted on their industry, GoFoodservice started dramatically expanding its online product catalog in 2020, going from fewer than 30,000 SKUs to more than 40,000 in 2022.
The addition of more online products exacerbated a long-standing issue for GoFoodservice. The company relied on an outdated basic fraud detection tool that often missed fraudulent orders and generated false positives. As a result, the order team spent hours each day manually reviewing most orders and hoping they were making the right decisions. Enter ClearSale.
GoFoodservice started realizing the benefits of working with ClearSale almost immediately. “Very shortly after we started using ClearSale to approve our orders, we found ourselves saving hours of order verification research, every day. We’ve also had far fewer chargebacks on our account since ClearSale started reviewing our orders,” said Chris F., General Manager for GoFoodservice. Other results include:
99.31% monthly average approval rate
Hours saved every day on in-house secondary reviews
0.29% monthly average chargeback rate
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ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational company that sells computers, hardware and computer items,on top of its robust ecommerce store. With online orders for laptops, phones, desktops and accessories having the potential to run into five-figure sales, and with the high resale value of these items, even one fraud attack was too many.
ASUS devoted significant time and effort to manually reviewing every order that came in, but fraudsters were clever in finding ways to sneak through. In some cases, fraud was occurring even when the delivery address matched that of the credit card holder, which is normally a strong indication that the customer is legitimate. ClearSale identified that even with positive address verification, ASUS has an elevated risk of fraud attempts, requiring thorough and competent fraud management.
After six months of working with ClearSale, ASUS compared its numbers to those from the previous two years of sales. The results were astonishing:
65% reduction in the amount of declines
17% increase in the average size of approved orders
24-hour response rate in 99.6% of orders
Traditionally, ASUS had a leap in its chargeback ratio in the third quarter of every year. Since partnering with ClearSale, the third quarter chargeback ratio has dropped by 98.52%
And the case of the mysterious fraud that was taking place even with address verification? ClearSale was able to determine that this fraudster was tracking the package and picking it up at the post office before it was delivered to the cardholder’s address. ClearSale went the extra mile, working with the US Postal Service to help them develop a new procedure: Now, customers can only pick up the product prior to final delivery if ASUS grants consent to the post office to release it.
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