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A complete guide to growing health and wellness subscriptions in 2023

Download this guide designed to help your health and wellness subscription business propel enterprise growth well into the future.

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Ecommerce subscriptions have become vital to a brand’s revenue health. In a recent Bold Commerce survey of nearly 800 subscription brands, including health and wellness brands, more than half reported growth rates of 10% or more month over month after launching subscriptions.

And the strongest subscription models are built to engage customers across the entire journey from conversion to retention. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to show you how to replicate their success and take your brand to the next level.

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Throughout this guide, you’ll learn how to:

Choose a subscription model that delivers

Create unique, personalized subscription experiences tailored to your brand

Convert customers at checkout with a unified checkout experience

Maximize customer value by giving subscribers full control

Transform transactions into lasting relationships

Brands featured throughout this guide

Leading brands have shared what drives a successful health and wellness subscription program

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their experiences and be inspired to start or grow your subscription offering.

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