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Drivers of Success: 2021 Subscriptions Trends

What brands are doing to drive subscription success

The subscriptions economy is booming — a competitive landscape has driven brands to operate with a higher level of efficiency to launch or scale a successful subscription program.

To get a pulse on the growing market, we surveyed close to 800 ecommerce stores to discover how and where brands are finding the most success.

We collected valuable insights about growing trends in the subscription industry and compiled them into key insights that consistently drive success in subscriptions.

Small discounts help brands attract the right kind of customer

20% of brands who offer discounts have reported month-over-month growth rates higher than 50%.

Loyalty programs propel long-term relationships

57% of brands that offer loyalty programs reported an average customer lifetime of a year or more.

Exclusive benefits increase perceived value and drive growth

1 out of 4 brands that offer additional benefits with a subscription are growing at a rate of 50% or more, month over month.

Targeted email campaigns increase subscriber lifetime

55% of brands that send a separate set of emails tailored to subscribers declared an average lifetime higher than or equal to one year.

Leading brands have shared what drives a successful subscription program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from their experiences and be inspired to start or level up your subscription offering.