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Season 2 / Episode 45

PUMA, Harry Rosen & Forrester share openly about success they've seen leveraging composable commerce.

Mar 14, 202352:16

Special BONUS episode with guests from PUMA, Harry Rosen and Forrester.

Dylan Valade, Head of Global E-Commerce Technology at PUMA and Tovi Heilbronn, Director of Digital Product & Experience at Harry Rosen reveal the strategies used designing their commerce tech stacks, and the successes they've seen.

Also joining us is Senior commerce analyst from Forrester, Joe Cicman, who gives us insight into similar trends he's seeing in the marketplace.

PUMA is a massive brands, selling in almost every country, in thousands of retail locations, in various digital channels, website, mobile apps, and with their main brand and sub brands.

Harry Rosen is a 70 year old iconic fashion brand that is innovating their digital commerce experience a lot faster than so-called "young modern" brands.

Both of these brands are iconic in their own way, and industry vets joining us openly share about their learnings in what has worked for them building out their digital commerce experience.

About the guests

Dylan Valade

Head of Global E-Commerce Technology, PUMA Group

Dylan Valade is the Head of Global E-Commerce Technology for PUMA Group.

Tovi Heilbronn

Director of Digital Product & Experience, Harry Rosen

Tovi Heilbronn is the Director of Digital Product & Experience for Harry Rosen.

Joe Cicman

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Senior Analyst at Forrester