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Peter Karpas: Checkout reimagined, Bold's vision unveiled
Bold Insider
Season 2
Episode 50

Peter Karpas: Checkout Reimagined, Bold's Vision Unveiled

In this episode of Own Your Commerce, host Jay Myers engages in an enlightening conversation with Bold's CEO Peter Karpas. They explore the vital realm of ecommerce checkout, uncovering Bold's transformation approach. Peter shares insights about his journey, Bold Commerce's mission, and the checkout's central role in ecommerce success.

Aug 31, 2023

In this episode of Own Your Commerce, host Jay Myers engages in a captivating conversation with Peter Karpas, CEO of Bold Commerce.

The duo delves deep into the intricate world of ecommerce checkout, unveiling Bold Commerce's approach to transformation. Peter shares insights into his journey, the mission behind Bold Commerce, and why checkout is the heart of ecommerce success. They explore the challenges of the current checkout landscape, introduce the concept of Third Generation Checkout, and shed light on the  Checkout Flows.

From composable commerce to actionable strategies for brands, Peter guides listeners through the evolution of checkout. Unplugged anecdotes and memorable takeaways make this episode an enlightening journey toward optimizing profitability through innovative checkout experiences.

"Conversion isn't money. Money is money. And fundamentally, conversion and average order value and lifetime value are three interconnected dials, you turn one, it impacts the other two. And so a relentless focus on conversion is not money. A relentless focus on conversion is a relentless focus on one of the three interconnected dials that make up the power trio, The Checkout Power Trio."

- Peter Karpas, CEO Bold Commerce

Some topics we discuss are:

  • The Checkout Revolution: Redefining ecommerce Landscape: Peter Karpas shares his journey to becoming the CEO of Bold Commerce and sheds light on the state of checkout today, including its challenges and the distinction between exceptional and lackluster checkout experiences.
  • Unlocking Third Generation Checkout and Checkout Flows:The groundbreaking concept of Third Generation Checkout is introduced, along with the power trio framework that aims to transform the way brands approach checkout.
  • Actionable Insights for a Checkout-Optimized Future: Practical steps are outlined for brands looking to enhance their checkout experiences and prevent revenue loss during the checkout process.
About the guest
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Peter Karpas

CEO, Bold Commerce

Peter Karpas is the CEO of Bold Commerce.