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Episode 19

Paul do Forno: Driving the transformation with opportunities for scaling digital and B2B brands.

Paul do Forno has led some of the world’s top brands, including General Electric, Target, Foot Locker, and Hyatt. Today he’s a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital and an industry leader in the digital commerce conversation. In this fascinating episode we unpack the digital transformation that has occurred and the opportunities it holds for scaling enterprise retailers and B2B brands.

Jun 9, 2021

Paul do Forno brings over 25 years of experience in digital technology and commerce to today’s conversation. He’s led the digital experience for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including General Electric, Siemens, Target, Foot Locker, and Hyatt, and has been a key driver of the digital transformation that has shaped the modern commerce experience. Today he is a Managing Director at Deloitte Digital and a leading voice in ecommerce and all things digital.

A digital transformation has occurred, accelerated by the rapid rise of ecommerce and a global pandemic. In this dynamic discussion, do Forno dives into his holistic approach to the commerce experience, highlighting some of the opportunities and challenges facing enterprise and B2B brands today.

"It’s not as important that you have an API, but what your APIs do?"

- Paul do Forno, Managing Director Deloitte Digital

Some topics we discuss are:

  • The digital transformation that is happening in front of us
  • The biggest threats and opportunities for scaling brands
  • How brands are evolving to have a holistic view of the commerce experience
  • Staggering statistics and massive opportunities for B2B
  • Are headless and composable commerce architectures right for your brand?
  • What to expect in digital commerce over the next 3-5 years
About the guest
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Paul do Forno

Managing Director, Deloitte Digital