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Episode 24

Kelly Vaughn & Rhian Beutler: How two women are revitalizing gift cards, and why it might save your holiday shopping season.

What do shipping containers stuck at sea have to do with two ecommerce vets coming together to start a gift card solution that could save the holiday season for Shopify merchants? Find out in this insightful and entertaining episode featuring Co-Founders of Govalo, Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beautler.

Nov 3, 2021

Kelly Vaughn & Rhian Beutler bring nearly a decade of experience in the ecommerce and Shopify ecosystem to the new company they’ve formed called Govalo — a gift carding solution for Shopify merchants.

Their solution couldn’t come at a better time as many entrepreneurs are experiencing supply chain issues that are threatening to interrupt their busy holiday selling season.

Govalo is more than just a gift card app though, they see gift cards as a key acquisition and retention strategy and have developed a unique solution to help merchants automatically offer gift cards when their products are out of stock. They way merchants are able to easily offer consumers an on-brand alternative for the gift they were hoping to get that special someone. Govalo only recently launched and they are already revolutionizing the way Shopify brands are able to offering gift cards and manage a looming supply chain crisis.

If you are a Shopify merchant looking for a solution to your holiday supply chain issues, or are just looking for a riveting and entertaining discussion at the forefront of the world of ecommerce, you aren’t going to want to miss this entertaining and thoughtful discussion.

"Part of the question we are answering is how can we normalize giving gift cards and celebrate giving gift cards, and one of those pieces is building brand loyalty."

- Kelly Vaughn, Co-Founder Govalo

Some topics we discuss are:

  • The current shipping and supply chain situation threatening many Shopify merchants this holiday season.
  • Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler’s rich history in ecommerce and the story of how they came together to form Govalo.
  • Why gift cards could be at the center of gifting this holiday season and the need for this app.
  • Why are there shipping containers stuck in the ocean and how does Govalo play into that?
  • Insightful data on ecommerce stores and gift cards.
  • Examples of online brands doing gifting and gift cards especially well.
  • What's in store for the future of gift cards and the gifting space?
About the guest
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Kelly Vaughn

Co-Founder, Govalo

Kelly Vaughn brings over a decade of experience in ecommerce as Co-Founder of Govalo, the gift card solution for Shopify merchants. Before Govalo, she founded The Taproom, building custom development solutions for fast-growing brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus. She also co-hosts Ladybug Podcast & Commerce Tea podcast, and is the Author of Start Freelancing Today.

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Rhian Beutler

Co-Founder, Govalo

Rhian Beutler is the co-founder and COO of venntov, the creators of SEO Manager, Order Lookup, and ClockedIn. She loves search engine optimization, UX, Google Analytics, and has spoken about SEO all over the world. Rhian is passionate about small business success, and for over a decade, has utilized her background in SMB banking and retail operations to help merchants grow their business both online and offline.