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Episode 23

Kathleen Booth: Is your store losing money to poor coupon-code hygiene?

Is your brand keeping 'clean coupon hygiene?' Just ask Kathleen Booth, CMO at digital engagement security platform,

Oct 25, 2021

Kathleen Booth brings years of marketing experience to her role as Chief Marketing Officer at — the digital engagement security platform designed to help businesses control the third-party code that runs on their ecommerce stores. Over 8 million sites, including The Boston Globe, Caraway, and Barstool Sports, rely on to protect their user experience, revenue and brand.

Booth doesn’t hold back in this passionate discussion, warning the ecommerce world about the pitfalls of malvertising and other forms of ecommerce revenue loss associated with coupon extensions.

The bottom line is this: any ecommerce brand running promotions could be losing as much as 10% of their revenue if they aren’t keeping what Booth calls 'clean coupon hygiene'. For anyone selling online with promotions, this is not an episode to miss.

"Is your brand keeping 'clean coupon hygiene'?"

- Kathleen Booth, Chief Marketing Officer

Some topics we discuss are:

  • The relationship between digital engagement security and coupon extensions.
  • How coupon extensions have evolved to influence ecommerce conversions, cart abandonment, and average order value.
  • The emergence of 'coupon hack' sites and tools and illicit malvertising.
  • How to tell which sales were actually influenced by a coupon extension and which were not.
  • Next steps that ecommerce retailers should take to tighten up their discount strategies and ensure they are profitable.
About the guest
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Kathleen Booth

Chief Marketing Officer,

Kathleen Booth is the Chief Marketing Officer at, a digital engagement security platform that provides over 8 million brands greater control over the third party code that executes on their websites, protecting their revenue, digital experience, and brand.