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Own Your Commerce Podcast with John Roman: Battling for Subscription Success
Brand Insight
Season 2
Episode 49

John Roman: Battling for Subscription Success

Join host Jay Myers in this episode of Own Your Commerce as he explores the world of BattlBox with CEO John Roman, a true industry trailblazer. Learn how John's transition from sales leadership to an ecommerce visionary fueled BattlBox's exponential growth. Discover the secrets behind building a beloved subscription brand and the fascinating journey that led to a multimillion-dollar acquisition by Emerge Brands.

Aug 1, 2023

Welcome to another exciting episode of Own Your Commerce! Joining our Host, Jay Myers, Co-Founder of Bold Commerce, is John Roman, the CEO of BattlBox, one of the most beloved subscription brands in the market. John's journey is nothing short of inspiring, and he's here to share his story with all of us.

In this episode we will dive deep into the world of BattlBox and explore the mind of John Roman, a true industry trailblazer. After leading several successful sales organizations in the telecommunications and software space for almost a decade, John ventured into the world of ecommerce investments. When his college friend launched BattlBox in early 2015, John knew he had to be part of this exciting venture. In 2016, The BattlBox Group made a significant move by acquiring Carnivore Club, an artisanal meat subscription box company, further solidifying their position in the subscription box market.And that's not all! In 2021, and Carnivore Club caught the attention of Emerge Brands, leading to a remarkable acquisition worth $18.95 million. John's visionary leadership played a key role in this incredible achievement.

Throughout this episode, John shares invaluable insights and lessons he's learned on his entrepreneurial journey.

"It’s AOV, It’s churn, It's LTV, all the metrics that we all talk about and are important."

- John Roman, CEO BattlBox

Some topics we discuss are:

  • From Sales Leadership to ecommerce Visionary: We explore John's transition from leading successful sales organizations to becoming an investor in ecommerce companies. We'll learn how his involvement with BattlBox from its early days led him to join the company full-time, propelling it towards exponential growth.
  • Building a Beloved Subscription Brand: John shares the strategies and tactics that contributed to the immense success of BattlBox as one of the most loved subscription brands in the market.
  • The Path to Acquisition: John discusses the journey that led to this significant milestone and how it opened up new opportunities for both companies, BattlBox and Carnivore Club
About the guest
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John Roman

CEO, BattlBox