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Brand Insight
Season 1
Episode 13

How Staples leveraged a best-in-breed "modular" approach to complete a digital transformation in a fraction of the time, and cost.

In this episode we dive into how Simon Rodrigue recently led through a complete digital transformation in a fraction of time and cost using a best-in-breed “modular“ approach to ecommerce.

Feb 21, 2021

Discover how Simon Rodrigue recently led Staples through a complete digital transformation in a fraction of time (and cost) using a best-in-breed “modular“ approach to ecommerce.

With over 300 retail locations, and a plethora of services (print, wholesale, school etc), plus managing unique pricing for the Staples Preferred program, syncing an ecommerce solution between it all that ties in seamlessly, managing pricing, curbside pickup, and other aspects was no small feat!

Simon is someone who understands ecommerce like very few. Staples is evolving, and so is their digital presence. This episode gives a glimpse into how they think about ecommerce, their approach to solving it, and how this sets them up for success in the future.

The best thing about Simon and Staples, is they really are just getting started!

"The open commerce software ecosystem is really one of our biggest opportunities at Staples."

- Simon Rodrigue, Chief Digital Officer Staples Canada

Some topics we discuss are:

  • Build vs Buy and how Staples thinks about solving complex ecommerce requirements.
  • How has the pandemic affected Staples and lessons they've learned adapting.
  • How their ecommerce tech-stack allows them agility and flexibility never before possible.
  • What it was like launching a digital solution for curbside pickup across 300+ stores in under 72hours
  • How Stapes de-risked the move from their legacy systems to their new modular (best of breed), approach.
About the guest
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Simon Rodrigue

Chief Digital Officer, Staples Canada

Simon Rodrigue is a recognized leader in the retail transformation taking place today, with over 15+ years of executive experience in the space. Most notably, Simon is the SVP and Chief Digital Officer at STAPLES Canada where he is a key member of the leadership team transforming one of Canada's most iconic retail brands.