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Partner Spotlight
Season 2
Episode 27

Elizabeth Buchanan: How to ‘seize the transaction moment’ and unlock hidden revenue.

Join Rokt Chief Commercial Officer, Elizabeth Buchanan for an exciting episode on revenue optimization.

Feb 8, 2022

Rokt might be the best-kept secret in ecommerce. But it won’t be for long once brands realize they can increase their revenue instantly with the addition of a simple plugin.

As the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) and a founding member of Rokt, Elizabeth Buchanan’s job is to lead their marketing, people, and business development. Her mission is to help brands unlock more revenue by ensuring they are getting the highest value per transaction. On average brands who install the Rokt plugin see an instant 20-40 cents per transaction in new revenue. With over twenty years of experience in tech and marketing, Buchanan is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to revenue optimization.

Ecommerce brands wondering if they could be getting more out of every transaction NEED to listen to this episode.

"What we do is unlock revenue and connections that businesses don’t even realize they’re leaving on the table…so how do you get that message out there and explain how simple it is."

- Elizabeth Buchanan, Chief Commercial Officer Rokt

Some topics we discuss are:

  • Elizabeth’s Buchanan’s exciting career in marketing and tech and how Rokt came to be.
  • Some brands that have had success with Rokt’s three main solutions: Rokt Ecommerce, Rokt Ads, and Rokt Calendar.
  • How AI and machine learning can help brands optimize their revenue by making more on every transaction.
  • How brands can instantly add 20-40 cents of revenue to every transaction.
  • What Rokt is doing to help brands pair the right offer with the right customer every time.
  • Tips, tricks, and the number one things any business can do to optimize their revenue.
  • Advice for businesses who are just starting out, or those that are established and looking to scale and grow.
About the guest
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Elizabeth Buchanan

Chief Commercial Officer, Rokt

A proven tech and business leader, Elizabeth Buchanan is the CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of Rokt. One of the company's founding members in 2012, today she leads the strategy and execution for their marketing, people, and business development. Before Rokt, Buchanan spent over 20 years in technology and marketing, working with brands like Yahoo, Uber and WPP. Buchanan also currently holds board positions with the NGO Vital Voices Global Partnership and S4 Capital. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and children.