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Deepak Jain: The Checkout Trifecta: Speed, Security and Conversion. Wink promises all three!
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Season 2
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Deepak Jain: The Checkout Trifecta: Speed, Security and Conversion. Wink promises all three!

Wink's CEO Deepak Jain discusses their biometric authentication platform utilizing AI for enhanced transaction security and convenience, highlighting its potential to revolutionize e-commerce and combat fraud.

Mar 5, 2024

Deepak Jain, the founder of Wink, a biometric identity and payments authentication platform, discusses the technology and its applications in commerce. Wink uses advanced AI and machine learning for face, voice, and device recognition to enhance security and convenience in transactions. Jain shares insights on the patent journey, the workings of Wink, its benefits in commerce, and future prospects.

Some topics we discuss are:

  • 🤔 How did Jain transition from mobile security to founding Wink, and why is intellectual property so crucial in his journey?
  • 📲 What makes Wink transform cameras into powerful biometric sensors, and how does it redefine transaction security?
  • 🔐 Is biometric authentication truly more secure and accurate than traditional methods, and what sets Wink apart?
  • 💡 How does Wink integrate with various payment methods, and what implications does this have for the future of commerce?
  • 🛒 Can Wink revolutionize e-commerce by effectively reducing fraud and enhancing user experience, and if so, how?
  • 🌐 What is Jain's vision for a safer internet, and how does Wink aim to combat bots and fake profiles?
  • 🛍 Why does Jain praise Apple's online store model, and what lessons can e-commerce brands learn from it to improve customer experience?
About the guest
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Deepak Jain

CEO, Wink

Deepak Jain has built transformational businesses and products in the NFC payments, neobanking, blockchain and cross border payment spaces, resulting in multiple successful exits. His most recent venture, Wink, is a biometric identity and payments authentication platform using advanced face, voice and device recognition with AI and machine learning to eliminate identity theft and payments fraud in ecommerce transactions. He holds 50+ patents with more pending in payment and security technologies.

Deepak’s passion and experience in Fintech, payments, blockchain, IOT and AI make him a respected thought leader, angel investor and mentor to other startups.