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Partner Spotlight
Season 2
Episode 37

Alok Ahuja: "Own your customer’s doorstep" with mind-blowingly fast delivery

We are pleased to welcome Alok Ahuja, CEO and Founder of Trexity. Learn how ecommerce and brick & mortar brands are serving their customers better with innovative same-day delivery options.

Aug 9, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Alok Ahuja, CEO and Founder of the innovative same-day local delivery solution, Trexity. Think of it like Uber Eats, but for ecommerce delivery.

Whether trying to keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations, or servicing a local marketplace, Trexity lets brands offer same day local delivery made easy. Ahuja has worked for Shopify and brings 15+ years of software technology and ecommerce experience to this fascinating conversation, with key insights and advice for any brand looking to remove the friction from delivery.

"Never underestimate the power of your local economy."

- Alok Ahuja, CEO & Founder Trexity

Some topics we discuss are:

  • The importance of providing an intimate, reliable delivery experience for customers.
  • Leveraging local delivery for subscriptions to increase customers lifetime value.
  • D2C brands hyper focus on owning the entire customer experience from manufacturing to delivery.
  • The changing landscape of commerce and how local and brick & mortar retailers can add value through delivery.
  • The “Amazon factor” and how it has raised the bar of what customers expect.
About the guest
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Alok Ahuja

CEO & Founder, Trexity

Alok Ahuja has loved every second of his 15+ years working in software technology and ecommerce. Having been a part of a startup that went public, to being acquired, to building new programs, processes and architecture for the fastest growing tech company on the planet, his heart will always live in this industry. A highly motivated technology leader, he prides himself on always looking 10 steps ahead and trying to build for the long term. He currently lives in Ottawa where he is the CEO of Trexity, providing a reliable same-day shipping solution for ecommerce brands.