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Transforming in-store kiosks and online shopping experience through Bold's checkout flows



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The company

With 305 retail locations across Canada and a growing ecommerce presence, Staples has become more than the store that Canadians go to for back-to-school and office supplies. A private equity acquisition in 2018 brought in new leadership for Staples and a renewed strategic direction.

The launch of Work, Learn & Grow as the company's new mission laid the groundwork for the digital transformation that would follow. Additionally, an aggressive roadmap and a relentless focus on the distinct needs of Canadian consumers shifted Staples Canada into one of the largest and most dynamic success stories in the acceleration of Canadian ecommerce.

The challenge

Prior to undergoing their digital transformation, Staples Canada operated on an integrated platform that did not possess the flexibility required to meet the demands of modern consumers. They wanted to ensure a seamless and uniform omnichannel experience that spanned across both their physical and digital platforms. However, there were significant differences in how customers experienced their in-store kiosks compared to their website.

In sharp contrast to the website, where customers typically relied on traditional keyboard and mouse inputs for navigation and transactions, the kiosks offered a touch-based interface that required a fundamentally different mode of interaction. Kiosk users no longer needed a pre-existing account to log in to finalize their purchases, thereby demanding a significant overhaul of the checkout process to streamline and optimize the user journey. This effort was crucial to help Staples Canada achieve its main goal of giving all customers a smooth and consistent experience, whether they were shopping in stores or online.

The solution

Bold's Checkout Flows played a pivotal role in resolving the challenges faced by Staples Canada in aligning the shopping experiences between their kiosks and website. This solution offered the flexibility and customization capabilities essential for accommodating the inherent differences between these platforms while upholding a uniform brand image and customer journey. With the implementation of Checkout Flows, Staples gained the ability to design a checkout process uniquely tailored to the kiosk environment. This involved the creation of an interface and interaction elements specifically optimized for intuitive and user-friendly touch-based interactions. Customers using the kiosks could effortlessly navigate through the checkout journey, select their desired products, and finalize their purchases with ease.

Bold's Checkout Flows empowered Staples to bridge the divide in user experiences between their physical kiosks and website, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping encounter for all customers, regardless of their chosen shopping channel. This adaptation not only improved the functionality of the kiosk interface but also contributed to a more cohesive and consistent branding and customer experience across all retail touchpoints.

"We’ve had hundreds of thousands of new customers who have never shopped online with us before who did for the first time in the last couple months. The goal was to provide an easy ecommerce experience, seamless customer service, and great delivery. "

- Jeff Serota

Sr DirectorStaples Canada

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