A Magento 1 checkout transformation: how Cup of Arms embraced composable commerce for future-proof functionality

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The company

Cup of Arms is a creative,  customer-focused company that specializes in designing and providing custom printed and personalized products for special events, businesses, and personal use. With an easy-to-use online design platform and attentive customer service, Cup of Arms makes it easy for anyone to elevate their celebrations with high-quality, tailor-made items.

Cup of Arms products

The challenge

Cup of Arms, like many other Magento 1 merchants,  found themselves struggling to create a modern, seamless checkout experience for their customers with the limited capabilities of an end-of-life platform like M1. With Magento 1 lacking basic critical commerce features, the company was unable to offer PayPal as their preferred payment gateway, forcing them to manually process all of their orders.  Slow load speeds, and an inability to manage abandoned cart emails also created inefficiency and friction for the merchant.

The solution

Committed to creating a better experience, Cup of Arms moved towards composable commerce by integrating Bold Checkout. Now the business and its customers enjoy a high-performing checkout experience. Modern features like stored payments, address validation, and the ability to change payment providers instantly have helped Cup of Arms future-proof their M1 checkout with function and flexibility.

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