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How Care Outlet Overcame Checkout Challenges



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The Company

Founded in 2019, Care Outlet is a UK-based company that sells healthcare and medical equipment. Recognizing the widespread demand among care professionals for cost-effective solutions, the founder of Shelden Healthcare established Care Outlet. The core motivation behind this initiative was to offer top-tier products sourced from the Shelden website at exceptional value, akin to the concept adopted by select "outlet" establishments. The overarching goal was clear: to enable individuals to make prudent financial choices while concurrently contributing to life-saving endeavors. With a diverse array of offerings, including mobility aids, bathroom aids, daily living essentials, and healthcare supplies, the platform addresses a range of healthcare needs.

The Problem

Care Outlet, a burgeoning entrant in the online healthcare equipment market, faced an obstacle in its digital operations. The company encountered substantial limitations within its existing checkout system that hindered its growth. The absence of pivotal integrations, such as PayPal Complete Payments and Apple Pay, severely restricted the convenience for customers who sought to use their preferred payment methods. This deficiency posed a challenge, potentially contributing to abandoned transactions and lost sales. Furthermore, the absence of a robust Address Validation feature was a significant concern. The inaccuracies in shipping and billing data during the checkout process resulted in a surge of shipment errors, fueling customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies. Moreover, the lack of customization options impeded Care Outlet's ability to curate a seamless user experience that resonated with their brand identity, creating a perceptible gap between the checkout process and the overall customer journey.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, Care Outlet took a smart step by adding Bold Checkout to their system. This new method brought big changes to how they operate online. With Bold Checkout, Care Outlet connected to a whole set of payment options like PayPal Complete Payments and Apple Pay, which made it easier and more enjoyable for customers to buy things. This change directly tackled the problems they had before. An important part of this new solution was the Address Validation feature included with Bold Checkout. This feature made sure that the shipping and billing information was right, reducing the chances of getting things sent to the wrong place, ensuring more efficient operations and increased customer satisfaction. Care Outlet also leveraged the VAT deduction feature that came with Bold Checkout. This feature helped with adjusting the costs for VAT during the checkout process, making things more clear and helping customers feel better about their purchase. The ability to create custom checkout flows allowed Care Outlet to create checkout processes that match their brands style, making the checkout experience seamless and visually appealing for their customers.

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