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Builder's Code

At Bold, we live by a code: our shared set of values, beliefs and actions that bind us together as coworkers and as people.

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Building the company we love

We believe in not only pushing the boundaries of commerce, but ourselves too.  We are intentional about the culture we develop at Bold — it is who we are, what we believe about what we’re doing, and why we should care. Our culture is made from every employee, so our culture belongs to every employee.

Deliver the win

First, understand what's important to make sure we're executing on the right objectives.

Then, dig deep, find the “why”, seek clarity when needed, and drive for the win.

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Be curious and take action

Embrace new challenges with curiosity and openness, constantly adapting, iterating and moving forward.

Stay in the know, be an active participant in Bold’s success.

Be ready to pivot when we get new information.

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Elevate your team

Learn about other builders so they can bring their authentic self to work.

Approach other builders with empathy and understanding to build strong relationships and achieve our common goals.

Embrace a “we” mindset, ask others where you can help, and seek to understand other’s POV.

Hold each other accountable.

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Being clear is kind

Communicate clearly, honestly and in full transparency.

Help other builders win by providing timely feedback, sharing information, and clearly articulating top priorities and your point of view.

“Say what you mean, and mean what you say”.

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Own your results

Be resilient by Boldly challenging assumptions and proactively identifying and solving pain points.

Take ownership and drive results that exceed expectations by striving for continuous improvement and acting with urgency.

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