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BUILDERS Code v2.0

Building the company we love

What is the BUILDERS Code?

It describes who we want to be, and the culture we want to have.

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Why does culture matter?

An intentional culture aligns us around who we are, what we believe about what we’re doing, and why anyone should care.

A culture will happen whether we do something about it or not, and we decided we want to be intentional about it. Our culture is made from every employee, so our culture belongs to every employee.

This place will be as good or as bad as you make it.

So who are we?

An intentional culture aligns us around who we are, what we believe about what we’re doing, and why anyone should care.

We roll up our sleeves and get shit done.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is what gives us purpose, it’s our “why”: why we do what we do, why we get up in the morning, why anyone should care.

Our mission:

We empower the world's leading brands to create powerful checkout experiences, anywhere.

Our vision:

Power every commerce interaction.

Our Mission & Vision

For us to do that, we need a great team of people who genuinely give a shit about our work, our team, our customers and their success, and want to help us build the best company.

How do we give a shit?

You care deeply about what we're doing here. You take this stuff seriously and act with urgency. You behave like you're an owner of this company. We have 8 values that we look for in people that tell us they give a shit.

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Our Values

8 attributes that define BUILDERS

Our Values


Belong to the team

We can achieve far more as a team than as individuals. When you belong, you and your team hold each other accountable to behave like BUILDERS.

  • Check with your team before working offsite.
  • Share the effort (give and take) with your team.
  • Be flexible and adaptable.
Our Values


Understand the need

We create solutions by understanding the needs and challenges of our customers, our team, and our business. We're self-aware and understand our own need to improve ourselves.

  • Ask questions and challenge assumptions.
  • Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.
  • Understand our strengths and opportunities for growth.
Our Values


Innovate or die

Innovation is making something new, uniquely useful & valuable, which creates change. We embrace change by adapting ourselves to keep moving forward and become better. If we stop, we become irrelevant and die.

  • Dig to find the root of a problem, then dig deeper.
  • Explore the job that needs to get done.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail or be wrong; just learn from it.
Our Values


Learn forever

We are students for life. We are always improving who we are as we learn and grow. We see opportunity to learn from everyone we encounter, and we share what we know to help others learn.

  • Be open to change, new ideas, new information.
  • Find a mentor, and mentor others.
  • Attend or lead lunch and learns.
Our Values


Deliver results

We deliver value and results early and often and we care deeply about what we’re delivering so we apply an appropriate sense of urgency.

  • Get shit done.
  • Start less, finish more.
  • You haven’t provided value until you’ve shipped.
Our Values


Elevate each other

We elevate each other by providing feedback with positive intent and celebrate wins when we achieve our goals. We elevate our thinking when we remember our mission and vision and challenge ourselves to raise the bar.

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Help others around you become better.
  • Say thanks and recognize your team for good work.
Our Values


Respect people

We respect our team and leadership by doing our best to execute on a decision, even if we think differently. Our leaders respect us by being transparent and give us a voice; but it doesn’t always mean we have a vote.

  • Remember we are all working towards the same goal.
  • Allow people to make mistakes.
  • Be kind, have care in our conversations.
Our Values


Serve others first

As individuals, we support our teams and this company. As part of a team, we serve our merchant customers who use our products and services to achieve success; Customer > Team > Individual.

  • Do more so others can do less.
  • Leave things better than how you found them.
  • Take things as far as you can.

Our Goals

What we're building

Our Goals

1. Create the best place to work

Bold began with the idea of making a place where we all love going to work, and we work hard to keep it that way. For us to have the best place to work, we need to build the best team of people who truly give a shit, which means we really need to care about our team.

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Our Goals

1. Create the best place to work

We trust you

You’re all grown-ups. You don’t need us to micro-manage you with rules and policies as long as you are delivering results.

We’ve intentionally removed obstacles because we don’t want the company to get in the way of your ability to work at your best.

If you’re not sure, communicate more.

We trust that you’ll use good judgement and act in the best interest of our customers, the company, and deliver results.

We've created an outline for you:

Customer > Team > Individual

That’s it! Make your decisions in that order: The customer’s needs come before what the team wants, who come before what you want.

Our Goals

1. Create the best place to work

We invest in you

All you can learn

Learning resources, mentorship programs, education fund, lunch and learns; all so you can learn and grow, and help others do the same.

10% time

Work on any project you want that helps you grow, or improves things at Bold.

Plus a whole bunch of other perks

Flex hours, occasionally work offsite, catered lunches, on-site gym, parties, games, clubs, events, beer on tap, drinks, fresh fruits and snacks, all because we want you to be happy and healthy (and be able to brag about where you work).

Our Goals

1. Create the best place to work

We want you to invest in us

We want you to think like owners, act like owners, give a shit like owners, and be rewarded like owners. That’s why we’re making every Bold employee an owner with our Employee Stock Options program.

As an owner, you need to remember to use good judgement (Customer > Team > Individual) and act in the best interest of our customers and our company.

Our Goals

1. Create the best place to work

We want to help you achieve success as well

Not all leaders are managers, and being a manager doesn’t automatically make you a great leader. It’s important to us that we can elevate our own employees into the roles they want before we look outside the company to fill them.

How to progress at Bold:
  1. Achieve mastery at your craft and become the best Builder you can be

  2. Support those around you to the point where the team is elevated by you

  3. Show initiative, be transparent, and speak up

Our Goals

2. Create the best solutions

We create value and become essential to the success of our customers by understanding the jobs they’re trying to do, and helping them find the best solutions that get them results.

It’s more than solving a problem, it’s also delivering delight.

Boldie creating a solution
Our Goals

2. Create the best solutions

Our products save time, make more money, and create new possibilities.

We need to remember that our customers are hiring our apps to do jobs for them, and we need our apps to be the best candidate for that job. So we've come up with a set of principles that we use to help us make decisions and improve our apps.

  • Purposeful: do one thing well and play well with eachother
  • Effective: provide the best results
  • Usable: solve real, not hypothetical problems
  • Flexible: allow for many kinds of apparent and hidden uses
  • Delightful: be simple, easy to use, easy to understand
  • Robust: protect and preserve merchant data
Our Goals

2. Create the best solutions

Ideas are tested and informed by data to deliver results

We love data because it takes our guesses and tells us which one actually gets the best results. We treat every change we make as a test, and we attach metrics to it so we can find out if it’s providing results for our customers or not.

It’s important to remember that the data doesn’t make the decision, it informs our decision. We also look at many other factors to come up with what would be the best decision for our customers and for our business.

The answers aren't found in this building

We want to keep an open line of communication with our customers because their experiences and feedback help us craft better solutions. They have the answers we're looking for.

Sometimes we get negative feedback, and it can be frustrating when something we made with care isn't received well. But we take a hard stance on this: if the customer doesn't understand something, they aren't dumb; we built it wrong.

Our Goals

3. Provide industry-leading support

Great support creates trust and builds relationships with our customers, and it can only happen when we can put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and treat their stores as our own. We want our customers to know that we’ve got their back and we’re rooting for their success. We are the experts they can turn to for all kinds of help with their business.

Boldie flying like a super hero
Our Goals

3. Provide industry-leading support

10 principles for great customer service

  • Be Ambitious: Have a strong desire to achieve success for the customer.
  • Be Honest: Be upfront about what you can and can't do for the merchant.
  • Be Knowledgeable: Know the product inside and out, backwards, and sideways!
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of history with a customer to help with future interaction.
  • Be Patient: Each store owner will have a different level of skill and experience.
  • Be Personable: Build authentic relationships and allow merchants to see the real you.
  • Be Proactive: Actively seek out creative and user-friendly solutions for our merchants and their stores.
  • Be Professional: Get the job done right and get it done on time.
  • Be Responsive: Listen and promptly respond to concerns and feedback.
  • Be Adaptive: Do what it takes to get the merchant where they want to be.

Our Goals

4. Give back

We know we are fortunate for everything we have, so we believe in giving back to our community. This isn’t just a play to improve our brand, we do this because we care deeply about elevating our community.

Boldie planting a tree
Our Goals

4. Give back

Our 1+1+1 Pledge

We donate 1% of people, 1% of product, 1% of profit

Volunteering at educational events

We do speaking engagements and speak at conferences to share our knowledge and experiences.

Community mentorship programs

We have relationship with local schools to provide mentorship to students.

Host meetups and other community events

In the past we've hosted Golang Winnipeg meetup, Extra Life charity events, etc.

Our Promise

From Bold leadership to you

Our Promise

1. We have open doors and open minds

We do our best to make sure we’re available to anyone who needs anything from us. We are open to hear ideas and try them out. We are open to being wrong and we crave feedback from everyone to help us make things better.

But just like everyone else, we also need to get stuff done. Please respect everyone’s time.

Our Promise

2. We will always be transparent

We share our sales and revenues, we share our decisions and the reasons behind it, and we have monthly Ask Us Anything meetings at our town halls where you can find out more about anything.

However, transparency ≠ democracy. We want people to feel like they have a voice, but that does not mean you always have a vote. Once a decision is made we all need to do our best to get behind it. When new information or data surfaces that could change things, we’ll happily look into it.

Our Promise

3. We will hold you accountable

You need to care about our bottom line, our culture, our customers, our solutions because Bold is our company, this is our culture, these are our customers. We win or lose together.

Builders will use good judgement and think Customers > Team > Individual.

Our Promise

4. You can hold us accountable

This BUILDERS Code isn’t just for employees, it’s for everyone here including the executive and leadership teams. Anyone can hold us accountable to the BUILDERS Code, to our mission, to our promises and obligations. If we’re not practicing what we preach, let's talk about it.

Our Promise

5. We will always be painfully considerate

When we need to make decisions that will impact our team, our company, our customers, we spend hours going over the decision and any possible unintended consequence to that decision.

We need you to trust that our decisions do not come easy, and they’re not made lightly. We always try to balance the needs of our customers, our team, and each individual here and you can always seek clarification or challenge us on these decisions.

Our Promise

6. We will act with urgency

We’re a rapidly growing business, and we have aggressive and ambitious goals. Things change and we move fast, and we know that this isn’t the right environment and culture for everyone.

We will not tolerate brilliant jerks or individuals who put themselves before the team, our customers, and our business. This harms morale for everyone, affects our culture, and slows us down. We want people who make everyone else around them better. Those who don’t fit will be easy to spot and we invite them to find success elsewhere.

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