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Reflecting on MACH THREE, The Composable Conference

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Casey Gannon

Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships

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I had the incredible opportunity to attend MACH THREE, the composable conference, a gathering of some of the brightest minds in commerce innovation and composable commerce. The beauty of MACH Alliance events is in the content — all transparently led by brand leaders changing the digital game. As I sit down to reflect on the sessions I attended and conversations shared over those intense days, I am struck by how profoundly it has impacted my perspective on the future of commerce technology and its implications for those of us who live in this industry.

My top 5 sessions ranked:

  1. When the deadline will not move by Merial Neighbours, Clarks.
  2. Composable in reverse by Tim Engler, OBI Group Holding
  3. The evolution of digital at Wendy’s by Brian Abston, The Wendy's Company
  4. Free at Last - A Composed App by Gary David, Ashley Furniture Industries
  5. The Joy of being headless by Hannah Bennett, Paul Smith

My top 3 takeaways:

Checkout continues to grow in importance to technical leaders and many agreed replatforming or a migration to a full composable stack should start with Checkout.

When a brand decides to replatform or transition to a composable architecture, focusing on the checkout experience is pivotal as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and conversion rates. The checkout process serves as the culmination of a customer's journey, where seamless navigation and intuitive design are essential. By prioritizing checkout in the initial stages of replatforming or adopting a composable approach, brands ensure that the transactional aspect of their business remains efficient and user-friendly. This strategic focus not only enhances the overall customer experience but also sets a solid foundation for integrating new technologies and scaling operations in the future. By getting the checkout process right from the start, brands can not only establish themselves as reliable and customer-centric entities in an increasingly competitive market landscape, but they can use the ROI from an improved checkout to power the remainder of their replatform.

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Companies are going composable whether they realize it or not, and it’s the IT teams driving the change.

Companies are increasingly moving towards a composable architecture, driven largely by their IT teams, whether they fully realize it or not. This shift signifies a departure from traditional monolithic systems towards composable, API-driven architectures that offer flexibility and scalability. It’s often seen as stacking a new technology here and another there, until it turns into a full composable stack.

IT teams are at the forefront of this transformation, advocating for composable infrastructure that allows for rapid innovation, easier integration of new technologies, and greater agility in responding to market demands. By breaking down complex systems into smaller, independent components, these teams empower organizations to adapt quickly to changing business needs and technological advancements. As companies embrace composable architectures, guided by their IT experts, they position themselves to thrive in a dynamic and competitive business environment, leveraging technology as a strategic advantage.

MACH THREE Conference 2024 Bold Commerce

60% of buyers believe there to be an increasing level of complexity in buying enterprise technology and are looking to beacons like the Mach Alliance and Solutions Implementation partners to guide their decision making.

A growing sentiment among 60% of buyers (according to the Mach Alliance) is the perception of increasing complexity in purchasing enterprise technology. This increase in the availability of best-in-class technology solutions has led many buyers to seek guidance from industry beacons like the MACH Alliance and trusted Systems Integrators (SIs). These organizations provide crucial insights and frameworks that help navigate the intricate landscape of modern tech solutions. By turning to these beacons, buyers aim to streamline their decision-making processes, ensure compatibility across diverse systems, and ultimately achieve optimal outcomes from their technology investments. The support offered by alliances and SIs not only simplifies the procurement journey but also fosters confidence in adopting scalable, future-proof solutions that align with evolving business objectives.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at MACH THREE. We’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you and unlocking new heights of composable commerce together.

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Casey Gannon

Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships

Casey Gannon is the Vice President, Marketing & Technology Partnerships at Bold Commerce

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