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Discount Code Stacking and support for Shopify POS now available in Bold Custom Pricing

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Alora Mastrolonardo

Merchant Insights Specialist

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Exciting news! Thanks to the amazing feedback of our Shopify community, we’ve rolled out two new features in Bold Custom Pricing that will take your pricing strategy to the next level. Bold Custom Pricing lets you create VIP programs, tiered discounts, and volume-based deals for your customers.

These recent feature releases include the highly requested, Discount Code Stacking and support for Shopify POS. With new Discount Code Stacking, you can choose whether to allow your customers to stack discount codes or not. With our new Shopify POS integration, any brand using Shopify POS to manage their retail operations can seamlessly and instantly offer Custom Pricing discounts in Shopify POS. Read on to learn more!

Stack the odds in your favor with new Discount Code Stacking

You asked, we delivered! Thanks to your feedback, Discount Code Stacking is now available in Bold Custom Pricing. This new functionality gives you even more control over what discounts your customers receive. Reward your VIP customers or even run a more aggressive promotional calendar that allows you to control and improve your margins.

Customers can enter one or more Shopify discount codes directly on the cart page. These discount codes are applied in addition to their existing Custom Pricing discounts, maximizing their savings potential. But don’t worry, the control is all yours. You can choose from three different Discount Code options:

  • Allow stacking of multiple codes
  • Limit customers to a single code
  • Disable the discount code field entirely

Watch the step-by-step walk-through

Bold Custom Pricing 🤝 Shopify POS

If you’re tired of managing custom pricing discounts manually in Shopify POS, you’re in luck—Bold Custom Pricing now integrates with Shopify POS. This new integration (available on the Complete plan) ensures that your discounts from Custom Pricing are automatically applied to orders right within Shopify POS. No more manual calculations or confusion – just smooth sailing towards satisfied customers.

How does the new Bold Custom Pricing x Shopify POS integration work?

Bold Custom Pricing seamlessly applies discounts through the Discount section in Shopify POS. Here's how it works:

  • Discounted products and tagged customers: When a product with a Custom Pricing discount is added to the cart, and the customer has the corresponding Custom Pricing tag, the discount is automatically applied.
  • Quantity Break discounts: If your Custom Pricing includes quantity breaks (discounts based on how many items are purchased), these are also automatically factored in when multiple products are added to the cart.
  • Customer-Specific Discounts: Remember, for quantity breaks specific to certain customers, they need to have the relevant tag and be added to the cart for the discount to apply.

Once the product and customer are added, the discount is instantly applied and noted as "Bold Custom Pricing" in your cart. This information is also reflected on the order within your Shopify admin panel, ensuring complete transparency.

Watch the step-by-step walk-through

In-store discounts should complement, not replace your online promotions. The key is to find a healthy balance that works well for your business and your customers. By having a well-rounded discount strategy, you can create a winning approach that attracts customers, boosts sales, and fosters long-term loyalty.

Don't miss out on the chance to give your store and your customers a pricing edge. From VIP deals to wholesale discounts, quantity breaks to member-only savings, Bold Custom Pricing has something for everyone. Try it free for 14 days and see how it can transform your business!

For more information and help getting started, check out our Help Center.

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Alora Mastrolonardo

Merchant Insights Specialist

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