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Bold Commerce and ClearSale: A Partnership That Reinvents Ecommerce Trust and Security

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Ash McGrath

Sr. Copywriter

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In today’s rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape, where threats loom as large as opportunities, the collaboration between Bold Commerce and ClearSale stands out as a beacon of innovation and reassurance. This partnership, established two years ago and now undergoing a vibrant renewal, is more than just a fusion of services; it’s a confluence of philosophies dedicated to redefining the essence of ecommerce security and customer satisfaction.

ClearSale's Unique Approach to Fraud Prevention

ClearSale stands apart in the fraud prevention arena. Their method isn’t just about blocking bad actors; it’s about creating a balanced environment where customer satisfaction and safety go hand in hand. They believe in two core principles: unwavering dedication to their clients' success and enhancing their clients' customer relationships.

Faye McEachern, Director of Partnerships at ClearSale, shares the company’s philosophy: "We're not just here to reject orders. We're here to find reasons to approve them." This approach has led to a remarkable 99% client retention rate and consistent high marks on customer review platforms like G2.

ClearSale's Impact on Business Goals

ClearSale’s impact on business is significant. Their smart use of AI and machine learning means they're constantly improving in fraud detection. The numbers are telling: a 99% average approval rate, a 98% reduction in chargeback ratios, and 80% fewer false declines.

False declines are more than a minor inconvenience; they can deeply affect customer loyalty. Clearsale's research indicates a substantial number of customers, particularly baby boomers, would not return to a store after a false decline, while younger generations might voice their frustrations on social media.

Through ClearSale's intervention, companies like Samsonite and ASUS have seen remarkable improvements in order approval rates and revenue growth, testifying to ClearSale's effectiveness in not only combating fraud but also in fostering business growth.

Recent Milestones and Innovations

ClearSale's recent achievements are nothing short of spectacular. Their revamped customer portal offers enhanced user experience with detailed fraud data analytics, streamlined fraud management, and comprehensive chargeback information. Additionally, their new Brand Protection service employs AI and digital intelligence to guard against brand impersonation, counterfeit products, and phishing attacks, addressing the growing threat of cybercrimes.

Their inclusion in the International Advisory Board of the Merchant Risk Council further cements their position as an industry leader, expanding their influence and expertise in the ecommerce fraud prevention landscape.

Tackling Challenges and Driving Client Growth

ClearSale faced the pandemic head-on, smoothly transitioning to remote work and maintaining stellar customer support. Their successful IPO in 2021 has allowed for greater investment in new services and acquisitions, further enhancing their offerings.

Success stories like those of Motorola and Sportitude illustrate how ClearSale’s methods have led to increased sales and reduced chargeback costs, allowing these companies to refocus funds on growth and development.

Empowering Brands through Knowledge and Partnerships

ClearSale's commitment to empowering brands extends beyond services. Their extensive knowledge base, informative webinars, and consumer attitude reports provide valuable insights for businesses to strategize effectively against fraud.

The partnership with Bold Commerce exemplifies ClearSale's strategy of providing targeted assistance through industry-specific collaborations. As the only fraud solution with the flexibility to support retailers of any size, ClearSale's alliance with Bold Commerce is a testament to their commitment to providing comprehensive fraud protection solutions.

The Synergy with Bold Commerce

The collaboration with Bold Commerce is particularly exciting for ClearSale. This integration into Bold Checkout allows clients to benefit from a robust, all-encompassing fraud prevention system that significantly reduces the risk of chargebacks and virtually eliminates false declines. This partnership ensures that Bold Commerce clients can offer their customers a seamless, secure shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ClearSale – More Than Just Fraud Prevention

At its core, ClearSale is driven by a dedication to not only combat fraud but to foster exceptional customer experiences. Their philosophy pivots on being customer-obsessed, focusing on positive outcomes rather than fear-based tactics. This approach has enabled ClearSale to offer services that go beyond the transactional aspects of fraud prevention, building trust and loyalty that transcend typical customer-brand relationships.

The partnership between Bold Commerce and ClearSale represents a forward-thinking blend of expertise and customer focus. It’s a collaboration that not only protects but also enhances the ecommerce experience for both brands and their customers. In a world where online threats are a constant, this alliance stands as a model of innovation and a commitment to enriching the online shopping journey.

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Ash McGrath

Sr. Copywriter

Ash McGrath is a Sr. Copywriter at Bold Commerce.

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