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We started coding in the basement but we've come a long way since

A Bold History

Once upon a time, there was a regular Shopify user who, like most store owners, kept trying everything he could to increase sales on his website. One day while perusing the Shopify app store, he thought to himself, “There aren't really any apps that will directly help increase my sales.” So, he decided to do something about it.

He called up a few friends who happened to be eCommerce gurus/veteran web designers/developers by day and store owners by night. He pitched the idea of Product Upsell, an online version of a classic brick and mortar store marketing technique. They immediately saw the potential in the idea, so they got to work and started building their first Shopify app. Before they knew it, Bold was born!

For the first year, Bold only developed Shopify apps, but as their user base and reputation grew, people started asking for more. This is when Bold's Professional Services department was born, offering everything from basic online store setups to complete custom design and development solutions for sites of all sizes.

Bold continues to be the leader when it comes to Shopify app development and has since grown from the four founders working part-time in their basement, to a team of more than 100 expert Support Wizards, Designers, Developers, and Project Managers who work with Fortune 500 clients around the globe, winning multiple awards along the way. If you can dream it, Bold can build it!

Jets Leave Winnipeg... :(

It's a very sad day for all Winnipeggers as the Jets play their last NHL game on April 28, 1996 before moving to Arizona.

Apr 1996

A Bright Idea!

For the next 16 years nothing really happens, until one day, Jay, Stef, Eric, and Yvan get together over a few drinks to discuss the potential of developing apps for the Shopify App store. Initially they're looking to make a few bucks on the side selling apps that they were actually developing for use in some of their own online stores.

Feb 2012

First App Released.

After a few months of development and testing, Product Upsell is released to the world and "Shappify" is born (Bold's business name at that time).

Apr 2012

First Negative Review.

Shortly after it's release, Product Upsell receives it's first negative review. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise as it immediately shapes Bold's motto - to develop nothing but the best products, while also offering the best customer support. They haven't looked back since.

The updated version quickly becomes the most popular App in the App Store and still remains as one of Bold's perennial best sellers. The guys begin developing the next few Apps.

Apr 2012

First Big Contract.

Bold continues to release apps and is commissioned by Microsoft to create an App for the new Windows 8 platform.

Nov 2012

First Paid Bold Employee.

With 5 Apps in the Shopify App store, the install request and tech support emails begin piling up, which slows down new app development. So it's time for Bold to hire it's first employee (in addition to the 4 Co-Founders).

Since everyone is still working full-time at previous careers, and now operating out of Jay's basement, they hold interviews for a tech support position in a Starbuck's down the street. Ron is the first official employee and has been helping customers with their Apps & leading the support team ever since.

Mar 2013

First Official Office.

With a team of 5 and a sustainable business model, they decide it's time to quit their day jobs and find some office space. Bold moves into 1500 sq. ft. of warehouse room in a self storage compound in Ile des Chenes, Manitoba. They put in a bathroom, a small office for phone calls, a kitchen and a foosball table.

Apr 2013

5 Employees at End of Year One

Apr 2013

"Bold" Rebrand.

Although "Shappify" is a creative name, as Shappify continues to grow, so does the amount of confusion for customers between the difference of the similar names "Shappify" and "Shopify". Therefore the guys decide to separate their brand and rebrand their company as "Bold".

Aug 2013

Bold Expands its Services.

As Bold's reputation grows, so does the number of custom design & development requests from their app users. Bold expands it's services and scales up a team a developers, designers, and project managers to focus solely on custom projects. Bold becomes a full-service eCommerce agency.

In its second year, Bold completes projects for Time-Life, Cirque du Soleil, Subway, and Wikipedia, to name a few.

Apr 2014

New Office.

As the team continues to grow, the Directors know that they will soon outgrow their current office. They lease some space across the street in Ile des Chenes and begin construction on a new office with a full kitchen, lounge, board room, meeting rooms, arcades and beer keg. They also upgrade the foosball table.

By the time they move in, now with a team of 20, they realize that with their current rate of growth, they'll be looking for more space again soon. They lease back the first office and start putting in some upgrades.

Apr 2014

20 Employees at End of Year Two

Apr 2014

2nd Office.

Only a few months later, now with a team of almost 30, Bold's custom development team of 10 moves back into the old office to make room for new employees. Bold now officially has two locations.

Jun 2014

InnovateOrDie Days.

A popular event among tech companies is to set aside a couple days in the year for employees to tackle a project and have it completed in 48 hours. Bold adapts this and holds their first #InnovateOrDie Days. Projects include a hologram, advanced analytics tracking, as well as a website to submit teams and project ideas for the next time when they open it up to the public and other tech companies to join.

Aug 2014

Bold Open House.

With a desire to strengthen relationships in the local tech and business sectors in Winnipeg, along with the need to attract more talented developers, Bold begins a marketing campaign which culminates with an Open House event at their Ile des Chenes main office.

Their efforts result in a full page profile in the business section of the Winnipeg Free Press, coverage at their event from CBC, CTV, and other local media, and dozens of meetings with everyone from venture capitalists to government funding agencies. Bold strikes up a close partnership with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and begins a new project focused on bringing local retail shops online.

Sep 2014

Bold Wins Business Awards.

With the obvious success of their Apps, and growing from 4 to 41 employees in less than two years, Bold is recognized twice in the same week with business awards. A local Young Business of the Year Award and a National Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award.

Nov 2014

New Media Manitoba Showcase.

One of the relationships that had been recently fostered was with New Media Manitoba, a local media education and fundraising organization. Bold is chosen as one of a handful of companies featured by New Media Manitoba in their annual video showcase with a mini-documentary that is shown at Christmas event at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre in Winnipeg.

Dec 2014

Bold Wins Start-up of the Year.

Bold takes home their 3rd award of the year. This time for "Start-Up of the Year" at the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Spirit of Winnipeg Awards.

Dec 2014

Bold Partners Launch.

Because of the nature of the Shopify Ecosystem and requisite cooperation among developers, Bold begins to team up and pass work around among companies with specific niches. As a result of these growing relationships, Bold creates an affiliate program called Bold Partners which provides a revenue share to other companies who are installing Bold Apps on their customers' stores as well as a commission on any referrals for custom development projects. Learn more

Dec 2014

42 Employees at End of Year Three

Apr 2015

Jets Clinch Playoff Spot.

For the first time in 19 years, the Winnipeg Jets clinched a playoff spot! Bold's employees start buying white clothes to help bring back the original playoff white out! #WhiteOut #GoJetsGo

Apr 2015

Medium Business of the Year Finalists.

We were honoured to be finalists for "Medium Business of the Year" at the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce MBiz Awards.

Oct 2015

Volunteer Engagement Award.

Bold closes off the year with another award, taking home the "Corporate Volunteer Engagement Award". An award we are particularly proud of as it recognizes Bold for our 1+1+1 Pledge innitiative and for giving back to our community. Learn more

Dec 2015

New Bold Headquarters.

We have officially run out of space, and are showing no signs of slowing down. So we pack up and move into a beautiful new building in the city, jumping from 4,500 sq.ft. in our two offices, to one 26,000 sq.ft. location with room to grow.

Feb 2016

Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers.

An extremely proud time for Bold, as we were recognized in the Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers.

Mar 2016

88 Employees at End of Year Four

Apr 2016

Bold Expands its Services Again.

Bold adds Social Media PR Management, Search Enginge Optimization, and Conversion Rate Optimization services to their offering to continue to help online store owners succeed as they grow.

May 2016

Bold Reaches 100 Employees.

Bold hires it's 100th employee, growing from 5 to 100 in only 3 years.

June 2016

Bold Ranks No. 6 on the 2016 Startup 50

Bold has been named to Startup 50’s ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies by Canadian Business and PROFIT thanks in part to a 1,257 per cent growth in revenue between 2013 and 2015.

June 2016

Stay Tuned...

Bold has no plans of slowing down app or custom development work so please come back soon to see what else we come up with!