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Unleash the full potential of your eCommerce store

At Bold, we empower entrepreneurs by providing them with tools they can use to make their eCommerce stores truly awesome.

That means giving your store the ability to fulfill all the unique needs of your business - and more. Every merchant is different, so we give you the power to make your eCommerce platform not only perform exactly the way you want it to, but also to do things you didn’t think were possible.

Since the beginning, we’ve kept ahead of the curve and we want to help you do the same. Tens of thousands of merchants around the world trust Bold's industry-leading innovations, effective sales boosting solutions, and world-class customer service.

How can we help make your store awesome?

Our culture

Our offices

What do our three offices have in common? Tons of natural light, comfy open concept workspaces, and loads of great perks that make employees look forward to Mondays.

Bold Commerce Headquarters
Bold Commerce Headquarters
50 Fultz Boulevard
Winnipeg, MB
R3Y 0L6
Bold Commerce, Smartpark Innovation Hub
Bold Commerce, Smartpark Innovation Hub
100 Innovation Drive
Winnipeg, MB
R3T 6A8
Bold Commerce, Austin
Bold Commerce, Austin
Located on the main floor of WeWork

600 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX, USA

Simple and impactful: we Pledge 1%

We joined Pledge 1% as a promise to give back 1% of our time, 1% of our product, and 1% of our profit directly to the community that has helped us succeed.

1% of our time

Every year, we encourage each of our employees to spend 20 working hours volunteering for organizations in our community. That means serving meals to the less fortunate at Siloam Mission, sorting food donations at Winnipeg Harvest, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, or helping organizations funded by the United Way.

1% of our product

Our team of eCommerce experts have made it easier for organizations like Siloam Mission and the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre to accomplish their goals by integrating online donation functionality and upgrading their sites to attract new donors. We also continue to support many of our non-profit customers by giving away our apps for free.

1% of our profit

We donate 1% of our year-end profits to CancerCare Manitoba and the Children's Wish Foundation because of the personal impact they’ve had on many of our staff.

On top of Bold's pledge to donate 1% of our profit as a company, our Founders and many of our employees donate 1% of their own salaries directly from their paychecks to community organizations.