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Use case

Add a personal touch to the transaction experience.

Create personalized experiences that convert by offering special benefits to different customer groups.

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Reward loyalty at checkout

Integrate your third-party or custom loyalty program to highlight the benefits right at checkout.

  • Give customers the option to earn points or pay with points at checkout
  • Highlight the amount of points logged-in customers will be earning on their order and how far away they are to their next reward
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Loyalty rewards were easily implemented into a luxury fashion retailer’s checkout, allowing their customers to pay with points through the brand’s own proprietary rewards program.

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Offer discounts to verified audiences

Build an integration with identity verification software to gain instant, secured verification for specific audiences.

  • Provide a frictionless experience by banking your customer’s verified information for future purchases
  • Offer exclusive discounts for different audiences, meet your compliance needs on the sale of restricted goods, or validate IDs for other needs
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Providing added benefits and discounts to specific audiences was essential for a major fashion brand, who uses Bold Checkout and ID.me to authenticate the IDs of military personnel, teachers, nurses, and first responders.

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Integrate your private label credit card

Go beyond standard payment options and easily integrate your branded credit card as a payment method.

  • Offer the additional benefits that go with your card, such as collecting points, extended returns periods, or discounts
  • Use your store credit card to offer financing options, such as installment payments or buy now, pay later

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