Work Remote Guide

With the health and safety of our employees in mind, Bold has made the decision to temporarily move to all-remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide offers some of the resources, tools, and tips you need to help make the best of this new way of working.

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A new way of working

Although we’re well equipped to work remote, we’re still learning, growing, and evolving our strategy through these times. This new way of working is a significant adjustment, and we recognize the unique challenges that come with it. This includes changes to our environment, workflow, communication styles, culture, and more. Now more than ever, it’s important that we lean into the Builder attributes to work through this together.

Helpful tips for working remote

Helpful tips for working remote

Set up a space for success

It’s important to set up a space that allows you to do your best work. Whether you have a designated home office or a make-shift one, we suggest the following:

  • Find a dedicated place where you can be (mostly) distraction-free and get sh*t done. No home office? Find a quiet nook and ask those with whom you live to respect your space and try to separate home from work—walk away when your day is done!

  • Make sure you have all the tools you need (set up your second screen, use your laptop stand, keyboard, etc).

  • Take advantage of the resources that have been shared around setting up an ergonomic workspace.

  • Make it visually appealing and you’ll look forward to settling in each day.

  • Choose a spot in your home where the WiFi signal is good.

Helpful tips for working remote

Practice a healthy & positive mindset

Maintaining a healthy and positive mindset is essential to your working-from-home success, especially during these times! Make an active effort to check in with yourself and your needs.

  • Find your new daily routine and be consistent! Sticking to some type of pattern will help with your mood and productivity.

  • Dress for a regular workday as it helps to create a sense of structure and keeps you motivated.

  • Don't forget human connection! Say good morning to or have virtual coffee/lunch with your team or work buddies.

  • Keep your heart and head happy by taking walks or try an at-home workout using some of the shared resources.

  • Break for lunch. Step away from your desk and pick a comfortable spot to enjoy.

  • Know when to wind down and log off for the day. Creating a sense of separation is important for your well-being.

Helpful tips for working remote

Structure your day

Without some of the normal office cues, it’s easy to lose the much-needed structure in your day. Be accountable to yourself and your team by following these practices:

  • Determine your set working hours with your lead to balance your needs at home with the needs of your team. Use the tools we have (calendar, status on Slack, etc.) to communicate your availability.

  • Review your calendar the day before and morning of so that you’re prepared and on-time for meetings.

  • Block off time for work that requires more thinking.

  • Schedule yourself breaks for lunch, coffee, stretching and socialization.

  • Stay on top of priority items by whiteboarding your daily to-dos.

How we can elevate our communication

How we can elevate our communication

Schedule regular face-time

We have lots of tools for communication. In addition to using chat for quick conversations and updates, leads and team members should have weekly check-ins with a video call. Always be prepared to jump on with these tips:

  • Be presentable—don’t wear your jammies (at least from the top up 😉)

  • Have a presentable and professional environment

  • Do your best to create a quiet, distraction-free place; be alone in a room if you can, but we understand it’s not always possible.

  • Ensure your equipment works (microphone, headphones, etc.) before the meeting.

  • Sometimes tech fails and that’s okay! Use the chat function to let your team know that you can’t hear them (or vice-versa). When all else fails, try turning it off and turning it back on again.

How we can elevate our communication

Use an accurate status

We’re all going to have a bit of a learning curve as we remember to use and set statuses with chat and our calendars. The team can see someone’s availability through these tools, but if we’re using them consistently and accurately, everyone can rely on the status.

How we can elevate our communication

Use the right tools for the message

Using the right tools will keep our communication consistent and efficient. Make sure your team knows the best way to reach you, especially if there is a more urgent matter.


Company-wide updates, external communication. Kind of important, not urgent.

Confluence / Drive

Meeting notes, decisions, ideas, department info. Important, not urgent.

Chat (Slack)

Somewhat urgent or important info, asking questions that need an answer today.

Video / Phone call

Urgent or important info: 1-on-1s, reviews, meetings, seeking clarity, sensitive conversations.

Passive Active
How we can elevate our communication

Seek clarity

If a conversation is getting difficult and we’re getting frustrated, or we think that the other person is getting frustrated, it’s helpful to stop and seek clarity on what we think is happening. Try moving into a more active form of conversation (chat to video).

For example: “I’m getting the sense you’re upset or frustrated... Should we jump on a call to clarify?”

How we can elevate our communication

Schedule good meetings

It’s a good meeting if everyone has all of the information they need to be ready for the meeting to happen. Meeting invitations should include a purpose, an agenda, a desired outcome and any documents that need to be read beforehand.

Be aware of the time: don’t schedule a full hour when half is all you need. Also consider ‘speedy meetings’. This option in your calendar will help to ensure meetings stay on time, even allowing a few minutes between meetings.

my_location Purpose

Why are we having this meeting?

how_to_reg Meeting type

Identify how much time is required, and who should be in attendance. Specify who is required and who is optional. If the meeting or meeting contents are sensitive or confidential, consider changing your event privacy settings.

format_list_bulleted Agenda / Topics

What are we talking about, and who is responsible for what?

done_all Outcome / Next steps

Were agenda items addressed and/or next steps assigned? How do we know we’re done?

How we can elevate our communication

Stay engaged & informed

The way we communicate has shifted completely. Coming together for company-wide meetings such as Town Hall, QSMs and AGM is something we’ve always placed great value in. Since we’re unable to physically be together, we’ve increased our lines of communication. We feel this is an important part of maintaining our culture, and our expectation is that you invest this time to stay engaged and informed.

We have introduced a few new checkpoints throughout the week. arrow_forward

Monday morning department update

Every Monday from 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
A two-minute or less update on what each department is working on.

Wednesday Town Hall

Every Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:00 p.m.
WOW cards, mid-week highlights, lightning talks and leadership updates.

Friday Town Hall

Every Friday from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
WOW cards, weekly highlights, lightning talks and leadership updates.

How we can expand & grow our culture

How we can expand & grow our culture

Shifting our culture

The way we are working has changed, but our vision of “empowering entrepreneurs to achieve success by building the best company to attract the best people” remains the same. Both individually and as a team we’ve had to adapt to this new normal. Although our culture has shifted, we can all do our part to keep it alive. This means taking part in company-wide communication and engaging in new initiatives and social activities.

How we can expand & grow our culture

Document, capture, & share!

As always, it’s important that everyone has access to the same information so they know what’s going on, and everyone can do their jobs well. Ensure everyone on your team knows where to find the information they need and how your team is organizing it. This includes keeping information updated and accurate.

For important stuff, record our meetings on video, capture decisions in documents, etc. But also share the fun stuff too!

How we can expand & grow our culture

Act like owners (because you are!)

In this new way of working, maintaining a culture of accountability is more important than ever. We want you to think like owners, act like owners, and give a sh*t like owners. We trust that you’ll use good judgment, act in the best interest of our customers and the company, and deliver results.

It’s important to keep communication between Builders consistent. Your lead should continue to communicate expectations, goals, and deadlines. In return, you should be touching-base regularly to provide status updates to keep your team informed. If you’re not sure, communicate more.

Customer > Team > Individual
How we can expand & grow our culture

Empathy is key

This is new (and a little foreign) to all of us. It’s important to keep our lines of communication open and remember that we’re all on the same team!

Recognize that each person’s situation and perspective is unique. Some may be providing care for their families, homeschooling, and taking on extra responsibilities beyond their normal workload. Practice patience and kindness, as you never know what the other person is going through.

How we can expand & grow our culture

Remember: Everyone influences our culture

Our leadership team will always be thoughtful and intentional in making decisions, but it’s up to each and every Builder to maintain a culture that we love.

Some things to consider:
  • Join the #bold-culture channel and take part in company activities.

  • Keep learning—join online webinars and conferences or attend a Lunch & Learn.

  • Keep up with your professional development—lots of organizations are moving training and information online.

  • Mentor or be mentored by another Builder.

  • Reach out to others to see how they are doing. Have video chats, just to chat.

  • Meet new people—have lunch or coffee with a random person at Bold.

Can your remote work situation be improved?

We are continously adjusting things as we go, but if you have any feedback or suggestions that would help make working remote at Bold better, please don’t hesitate to bring it up—we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you!

be safe. be bold.