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Meet your compliance requirements with ease.

Streamline administrative headaches and keep your legal team happy by solving for compliance requirements unique to your business, region, or industry — right at checkout.

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Collect custom fees, taxes, and tariffs

Use our existing tax integrations, or build your own, to automatically stay up to date with jurisdiction-specific tax requirements for any product, industry, or market.

  • Stay compliant in global markets as your business expands beyond borders
  • Allow customers to prepay import fees at checkout to avoid surprises on receipt
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A large soda brand was able to launch a new DTC channel in six weeks using Bold Checkout with a custom tax integration that accurately calculated sweetened beverage taxes by location and product contents.

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Require age verification for purchase

Include age verification at checkout to only sell restricted or age-exclusive products, such as alcohol, e-cigarettes, and CBD.

  • Tailor age verification requirements by region when selling beyond your borders
  • Prohibit sales to customers that don’t meet your minimum age requirements
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A leading California-based wine business ensures products are only being sent to customers that meet the legal minimum drinking age across the U.S. by integrating a custom age verification tool.

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Validate customer IDs

Integrate with an identity verification tool to protect your business when selling restricted goods.

  • Accommodate sales to specific customer groups with unique rules, such as enabling the sale of alcohol to military personnel
  • Streamline checkout by banking customer ID verification information for future transactions
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A national soft goods retailer customized Bold Checkout by integrating online identify verification to offer exclusive discounts to military, health care, and education shoppers.

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