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Our developers solve problems, build scalable systems, and work in a culture of continuous improvement to create innovative commerce solutions for our brands.

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The way we work

At Bold, developers follow a methodology that delivers value to our brands by working in small batches and shipping frequently.

Teams work in weekly iterations and use daily standups to address any blockers. They also connect at weekly retro meetings to ask questions, discuss what went well — or didn’t go well — and gain valuable feedback.

Our developers use agile practices such as test-driven development, pair programming, and continuous integration. In this type of environment, there is truly a culture of constant improvement, feedback, and innovation.

A different kind of development team

Our teams are small and focused so that the product they’re working on (e.g. Subscriptions) is the best that it can be. A team consists of a product manager, designer, QA, developer lead, and developers to allow for focus and agility on every project. Collaboration between teams is a priority as it gives our developers the opportunity to grow and have a greater impact on all of our products.

We embrace the DevOps approach of “you build it, you run it” to empower our team members to own their work from the start all the way through to production.

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Innovation time

Builders can also spend 10% of their time working on developing skills through our mentorship program or on a project of their choosing during Innovate or Die Days.

Q&A with Mark St. Godard

Bold's Director of Engineering, Mark St. Godard, answers some of the more common questions we hear from developers applying to Bold.

Question 1

What languages do Bold developers use?

We use three primary languages — PHP, Go, and JavaScript. We also have a few apps in Ruby and for the front end, we use React for building single page web apps.

Question 2

What tools do Bold developers use?

Our teams primarily work on Macs and use the tools they are comfortable with, such as VSCode, PHPStorm, Goland, or Vim. For application packaging and deployment we use Docker, for container scheduling we use Kubernetes, and we run all our workloads on the Google Cloud Platform.

Question 3

What type of experience do you look for?

We look for developers with a few years of experience, through to senior level managers. Experience in the primary languages that we use (PHP, Go, and JavaScript) is not required; rather, we look for intrinsically motivated individuals who have a desire to learn new languages, technologies, and practices.

Question 4

What type of questions do you ask in the interview process?

My goal is to have a conversation and gain an understanding of what motivates and excites them, and how they approach problem solving and software development. In the end, I’m looking for what the candidate has to bring to Bold and how we can support their future growth.

Question 5

What’s a typical day-in-the life of a developer?

Typically, you'll start off your day with a team standup to discuss what needs to be done. Following that, you’ll dive right into creating new features, fixing bugs, writing tests, and participating in design decisions. You’ll also spend your days creating and reviewing merge requests, pair programming, taking part in agile development practices, deploying changes to production, and using Slack to send memes to your teammates.

Question 6

Lastly, and most importantly, if you could pick anything, what would your dev superpower be?

I love Vim and I can pretty much hack with it in any language (Go, Ruby, Lua, Bash…), anything except in Java where I'd need to use an IDE.

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Q&A with Mark St. Godard

At Bold, a lot of effort is made to make you feel like you're part of the team. People trust you and give you the tools needed to be able to succeed. There are a lot of opportunities to grow and it’s refreshing to know I will never get bored as there are always new things to do or learn.

- Sylvain, Software Developer

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