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Join the Bold family & work with some of the world's best Web Developers Web Designers Support Wizards Project Managers Online Marketers

Yvan Boisjoli CEO & Co-Founder
Eric Boisjoli CTO & Co-Founder
Jay Myers CMO & Co-Founder
Stefan Maynard Director & Co-Founder
Kevin Hnatiuk COO
Jody Rzyhak CFO
Chantal Grindle CHRO
James Bartlett VP of Professional Services
Amit Bahl Support Manager
Jenna Balfour Office Manager
Sheila Farago Bookkeeping/Payroll
Frank Danielson Systems Administrator
Brett Wolfe IT Minion
Jason Black Security Architect
Ashley Smith Human Resources
Sara Shimoji Community & Culture Specialist
Michael Riediger Database Administrator
Teresa Doornbos Controller
Mel Fatouros-Richardson Content Marketer
Kevin Wild Partner Manager
Dan Boey Video Specialist
Paul Rajotte Growth Specialist
Mike Trakalo Social Media Specialist
Aubrey Kotelko Content Marketer
Rizzie Enriquez Project Manager
Jeff Barrett Account Manager
Patrick Grierson Business Analyst
Heman Wasil Account Manager
Ryan McDermott Account Manager
Dylan Keenas Account Manager
Tamer Salem Account Manager
Grant Blahey Account Manager
Leanne Lucas Account Manager
Jordan Labelle Product Manager
Cody Lee Product Manager
Nole Product Manager
Sherry Turner QA Lead
Satya Ponnapalli Software QA Analyst
Sergey Cherniavsky Software QA Analyst
Joël Forest Software QA Analyst
Dennis Sereda Project Management Consultant
Valeria Coiro Business Analyst
Yulin Tan Developer
Grandel Cuvos Developer
Graydon Green Developer
Jeremy Ayerst Developer
Travis Blair Developer
Stefan Sobering Developer
Cory Mikulik Developer
Ricky Wiens Developer
Chris Chatelain Developer
Brenley Dueck Developer
Michal Plucinski Developer
Jon Reichert Developer
Derek Savitzky Developer
Sarika Kalia Developer
Ryan Hofer Developer
Ryan Carbotte Developer
Shawn Bernard Developer
Dex Getson Developer
Rob Norman Developer
David Mendez Developer
Ayodeji Oludapo Developer
Nathan Koop Developer
Chris Pappas Developer
Brandon Wade Developer
David Bertouille Developer
Mitch Green Developer
Jessica Sanders Developer
Calin Reimer Front-End Developer
Michael Regier Developer
Angèle Nault Developer
Oleksii Ostapets Developer
Mark St. Godard Developer
Ryan Kim Developer
James Stewart Developer
Craig Dykstra Developer
Hammad Tahir Developer
Jeff Mychasiw Developer
Greg Adamiec Developer
Julia Stoyko Developer
Miguel Del Rosario Developer
Mitchell Engen Developer
Pawandeep Singh Developer
Sean Egan Developer
Steven Prichard Developer
Brianna Mansell Developer
David Bilsky Front-End Developer
Devon Mitton UX Designer
Nate Vandervis Designer
Jodeci Correa Designer
Tim Fennell Designer
Justin Patenaude Web Designer
Chris Savoie Web Designer
Mark Bautista Designer
Sean Savoie Web Designer
Melanie Reyes Web Designer
Ron Alderson Lead Client Success Specialist
Paul Arthurs Client Success Team Lead
Graeme Matheson Client Success Team Lead
Daniel Pfiefer Account Manager
Arcee Partridge Account Manager
MC Guenette Account Manager
Brenden Porcher Account Manager
Corey Jonasson Client Success Specialist
Victoria Stephens Client Success Team Lead
Alexa Lachuta Client Success Specialist
James Gudge Client Success Specialist
Robb Brambilla Client Success Specialist
Brendin Charles Client Success Specialist
Mohit Salhotra Client Success Specialist
Tiff Bartel Client Success Specialist
Zachary Warrington Client Success Specialist
Rajdeep Singh Client Success Specialist
Danica Onsowich Client Success Specialist
Bhumi Patel Client Success Specialist
Phillip Snarr Client Success Specialist
Camilo Bolanos Client Success Specialist
Shubhneet Kaur Taggar Client Success Specialist
Sherri Anderson Knowledge Manager
Tyson Kroeker Client Success Team Lead
Rebecca Bilsky Tier 2 Client Success
Warren Bard Tier 2 Client Success
Lawrence Salinog Tier 2 Client Success
Josh Allard Tier 2 Client Success
Brad Hansey Tier 2 Client Success
Garret Cassels Tier 2 Client Success
Danni Zhang Tier 2 Client Success
Morgan Wowk Tier 2 Client Success
Alan Braverman Tier 2 Client Success
Francis Manansala Tier 2 Client Success
Marty Solc Client Success Team Lead
Mohammad Yakub App Install Master
Henry Nguyen App Install Master
Anton Sova App Install Master
Rob Payjack App Install Master
Jordan Oliver App Install Master

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